The 4 Qualities of the World’s Most Emotionally Intelligent People

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The 4 Qualities of the World’s Most Emotionally Intelligent People by Mind Map: The 4 Qualities of the World’s Most Emotionally Intelligent People

1. They Have a “Why.”

1.1. They have a purpose that transcends humanity and speaks to a desire to make a difference that may take a lifetime worth of work.

1.2. They’re OK with the time commitment and they possess the requisite patience.

1.3. They know what matters most to them and they’re diligently working, at some point of each day, on how to get it.

1.4. Everything circles back to their “Why.”

1.5. Ask yourself

1.5.1. Why does the work you’re doing matter?

1.5.2. Who is it serving?

2. They’re Creative, Imaginative Thinkers of Bold Ideas

2.1. Emotionally intelligent people are analytical, reflective thinkers that are always ruminating on big ideas.

2.2. Every time an idea pops into their head, they think about how they can use it to make the world a better place.

2.3. They influence these ideas with emotion and a critical mind to make sure they are worthy of supporting their “Why.”

2.4. Through their various interactions, they identify the tools, technology, people and resources that will help you on your mission.

2.5. Each day is a greater challenge for you to think more creatively and to inspire yourself to be even more creative than the day before.

3. They Have Very High Self-Awareness

3.1. Highly self-aware people possess time-tested values that enable them to make sense of what they’re doing.

3.2. They have self-control and discipline over the performance and management of their day, and how the results of their work impact the people and world around them.

3.3. They’re confident in their abilities because they know themselves in an intimate, profound way.

3.4. They work on developing others and living with empathy and love first.

3.5. They’re authentic and original not because they try too hard, but because they’re excellent at simply being themselves.

4. They Desire to Love, Persevere and Make The Most of Any Situation

4.1. Be willing to adapt your mindset and behavior.

4.2. You have to want it, whatever your goal is

4.3. Persevere and keep going each day.

4.4. Set goals, live life with purpose and are willing to overcome adversity through your thoughts, words and actions.