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From good to great! by Mind Map: From good to great!

1. Touch point 2

1.1. Not following users

1.1.1. Students

1.1.2. Parents

1.2. Want only

1.2.1. Teachers

1.2.2. School leaders

1.2.3. Första lärare

1.2.4. IKT

1.3. What are they interested in

1.3.1. Subject matter

1.4. How much do they know about Clio (Scoring)

1.4.1. Website visists

1.4.2. Existing user Active Not-Active

1.5. Continuous communication from Marketing

1.5.1. Ask for the meeting early

2. Customer touch point 3 - The teacher has filled out a web-form (requested a trial)

2.1. Marketing touchpoint

2.1.1. Action Filled in webform Trial Pricing request Called Clio Support Reception Sales line

2.1.2. How much do they know about Clio (Scoring) Website visists Existing user Active Not-Active Existing customer account Interests

2.2. Sales touchpoint

2.2.1. BANT qualification Budget Authority Conduct needs analysis (why?) Purpose of trial Teacher needs School leader needs Timeframe Free trial = 30 days What is the customer's decision timeframe?

3. Touch point 8

3.1. Clio follows up on a regular basis

3.1.1. Yearly? Quarterly? School Term-Ly

3.1.2. Why? Clio follows up on churn risk High value customer Strategic growth customer Ensure alignment delivery against original goal / need

3.1.3. How Marketing touch points Fairs Webinars Facebook groups Sales Touch points Impl touch points

3.1.4. What? Summary of usage Catch-up

4. Touch point 7

4.1. Impl delivers onboarding plan

4.2. Why?

4.2.1. x % of teachers attend

5. Customer touch point 4 - The customer gains access to a trial (trial activated)

5.1. Marketing touchpoint

5.2. Sales touchpoint

5.2.1. Set out the plan to succeed with the trial Add students to account Share school with students Schedule Intro presentation / webinar Best case use Invite interest from more teacher in the school Continuous dialogue Sales Marketing automation

5.3. Product touch point

6. Touch point 6 - Customer accepts sales quote.

6.1. Easy to be a customer

6.1.1. Financial information Billing info is correct

6.2. Easy to give acceptance of offer

6.2.1. In most cases order confirmation is acceptable

6.3. Agreement on onboarding plan

6.3.1. Stakeholder mapping Decision maker path User path

6.3.2. School is active in implementation process School leader is involved How using Clio is aligned to defined goals Teacher goal School leader goal People will attend the training

7. Customer touch point 5: Customer accepts product

7.1. Involve the school leader / IKT if relevant

7.2. What happens next once the offer is sent?

7.2.1. When do you need the offer?

7.2.2. Why do you need it by then (i.e. what is the next step which leads you to need it then)?

7.2.3. When can we sit down and go through the offer together.

7.3. Send quote / offert

7.3.1. Shareable

7.3.2. Communicative Value Clio as a company Details Products Pricing Legal details