CREATOR Master Class

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CREATOR Master Class by Mind Map: CREATOR Master Class

1. To Do: After

1.1. Evaluation

1.1.1. Feedback Survey

1.2. Content

1.2.1. Independent Practice

2. To Do: Execution

2.1. Required Resources

3. Objectives

3.1. Grow up the business of ZOHO Creator delivering WhatsApp solutions over ZOHO Creator

4. Strategy

4.1. Do a transfer of knowledge of

4.1.1. Technical Vision

4.1.2. Business Vision

4.2. Using an interactive webinar

4.2.1. Live Streaming

4.2.2. Live WhatsApp Messages

4.2.3. Guided Practice

4.3. Creating multimedia content

4.3.1. Infographic

4.3.2. Video

4.4. In 2 languages

4.4.1. Live session: english

4.4.2. Recorded sesion: spanish

5. Summary

5.1. Introduction

5.1.1. WhatsApp WhatsApp in numbers WhatsApp policies Cost of WhatsApp use Mostramos la calculadora

5.1.2. ZOHO Creator possibilities ZOHO CRM, ZOHO DESK, etc, ZOHO Marketplace

5.1.3. Web Services needed Verify a template List my templates List my numbers Send message

5.1.4. Example of use Uso de WOZTELL Push Tenemos plantillas Pedimos que registren su teléfono en algun lugar Les enviamos una plantilla

6. Audience

6.1. ZOHO Creator developers

6.2. ZOHO Admin users

6.3. ZOHO Partners

7. Vision

7.1. WhatsApp Business API boosts ZOHO Creator solutions to the next level

7.2. WOZTELL-SANUKER Inc deliver this service to ZOHO users

8. To Do: Before

8.1. Marketing

8.1.1. Content

8.2. Tech Doc

8.3. SandBox invitation