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TOPICs required by Mind Map: TOPICs required

1. Being a supporter

1.1. How to find a balance in SDL process - (freedom and trust / own learning VS solidarity from others)

1.2. How can I support SDL? 2x

1.3. Mentoring - I want to learn to ask the helpful questions.

1.4. What facilitation skills do I need?

2. Reflection techniques

2.1. find out my strengths and weaknesses

3. What way do I learn best? 2x

3.1. What drives me in my learning?

4. Organize my learning

4.1. individual strategies in SDL

5. Theoretical input

5.1. research on learning

5.2. background info

5.3. pros of SDL versus other learning 2x

5.4. new ways of approaching learning and thinking

5.5. What is SDL? 2x its values and challenges

5.6. How can SDL be initiated in heterogenous groups

5.7. Can self-directed learning reach people who are not attracted by learning provided through traditional facilities?

5.8. How can self-directed learning help the most disadvantaged people like school dropouts, marginalized minorities or people with disability?

5.9. How can youth work contribute to self-directed learning experiences and fully use the potential of the learner?

5.10. What are the effective forms of learning from university?

5.11. Introduction to the history of/thoughts behind SDL – I think it would be useful to know what others have thought about this before.

5.12. Explore SDL on meta level and match theory and practice

6. macroeconomics with a connection with information technology from the sociology point of view?

7. Tools

7.1. concrete activities (games, workshops)

7.2. Experience of others with SDL

7.3. Ideas on creating learning environment

7.4. How to involve more people to use Sdl , and methods to help them

7.5. How to use sdl in develop of a whole community?

7.6. new ways to achieve goals

7.6.1. Setting goals - What we want to achieve, how and why seems important to focus on.

7.7. How to find the area in which they want to develop?

7.8. How to motivate disadvantaged young people to learn?

7.9. How to work with SDL in Erasmus for all

7.10. To learn some methods how to find out which kind of leraning styles people with disability have, for adapting tools for them.

7.11. How to transform ideas into action

7.12. SDL games and case studies

8. Motivation

8.1. How to pop up my motivation when I slow down during the learning process

9. Planning the learning process

10. Learning needs

10.1. understand mine

10.2. be able to see what the learning needs of the project participants are

10.3. how I can attain to respond to learning needs of others