Remote work with Bitrix24 Efficiently

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Remote work with Bitrix24 Efficiently by Mind Map: Remote work with Bitrix24 Efficiently

1. Setting common rules for everyone

1.1. Common Problems/mistakes

1.1.1. Constant chat/video call = UNPRODUCTIVE STAFF

1.1.2. Instant replies from staff = INTERRUPTED STAFF

1.1.3. Media usage for decision making Chat Videocalls Voicecalls

1.1.4. Inappropriate using of office platform

1.1.5. No results after discussion

1.2. Effective remote collaboration

1.2.1. Setting working hours

1.2.2. Work chat is for work only

1.2.3. Shared online calendars with visible schedules Event scheduling

1.2.4. Video calls/video conferencing limitations

1.2.5. Important decisions from chat to task/project With assigned persons and deadline

2. Create SINGLE online central hub

2.1. Common problems/mistakes

2.1.1. Video conferencing is not REMOTE Working

2.1.2. Using different applications

2.1.3. Not clear job duties/tasks

2.2. With Bitrix24 = Unified Workspace

2.2.1. Staff have access to same set of tools

2.2.2. Single information field

2.2.3. Clear job duties/tasks for each staff

2.2.4. Better way of communication

3. Communication with remote staff

3.1. Communication Problem

3.1.1. Not everyone will get the informations

3.1.2. Work from home = destructions

3.1.3. Late answers/feedback/respond

3.1.4. Staff not familiar with business process

3.2. Communication using Bitrix24

3.2.1. Activity Stream Unified news about the company

3.2.2. Instant reaction Announcement: Mark as read Announcement: Like reaction Announcement: Comment for feedback, suggestion and questions

3.2.3. Poll voting To get feedback/suggestions

3.2.4. Daily task template to set routine

3.2.5. Memos for important details

3.2.6. Appreciation badges

4. Set rules for regular online meeting

4.1. Common mistakes/problems

4.1.1. Not match schedule for everyone

4.1.2. Staff forget about the meeting

4.1.3. Video and audio problem

4.1.4. No written meeting agenda in advance

4.2. Online meeting in Bitrix24

4.2.1. Time schedule good for everyone Calendar scheduler Meeting invitation

4.2.2. Setting recurring events

4.2.3. Agenda inside schedule meetings

4.2.4. Free video calls for up to 10 people

4.2.5. Bitrix calendar sync with google and outlook

4.2.6. Online meeting reminder 15 minites before it starts

5. Accumulating and share knowledge that’s accesible remotely

5.1. Common problems/mistakes

5.1.1. Hard to train people when its work from homw

5.1.2. No written standards, procedures , checklists

5.1.3. When employee leave, knowledge will be lost

5.2. Bitrix24 Knowledge Base

5.2.1. Rules, procedures, manuals stored in one place

5.2.2. East to train new employee

5.2.3. People leave company, but knowledge stays

5.2.4. Can be accessed remotely

5.3. Document management common problems

5.3.1. Files/documents stored in individual employee

5.3.2. No computer access = no file access

5.3.3. Access setting to restrictive or weak Everyone sees everything Staff have access only to their own files

5.3.4. Hard to find document or updated version

5.4. Document management with Bitrix 24

5.4.1. Files available Employee computers Bitrix cloud storage

5.4.2. Access right settings for files, folders, employees, depts. groups

5.4.3. Quickly find files

5.4.4. Restore files easily including right version

6. Set workflows RPA Rules

6.1. Common problems/nistakes

6.1.1. Staff don’t know the whole process

6.1.2. Face to face discussion for approval

6.1.3. Verbal approval (yer or no)

6.2. Quick and simple workflows/approval in Bitrix24

6.2.1. Workflows for approval Invoices Sick leaves processing Annual leaves processing

6.2.2. Approval notification to all involved staff

6.2.3. Visible launched workflows, requests, status and current step

7. Swith from verbal commands to written task and assignments

7.1. Common problems/mistakes

7.1.1. No written tasks/assignments

7.1.2. Hard to estimate each employee workload

7.1.3. Staff forget their tasks/assignments

7.1.4. Task and projects discussions are lost in chat and calls

7.1.5. Staff always misunderstood Ending up doing the wrong thing

7.2. Tasks and project discispline and control in Bitrox24

7.2.1. Task created in one click

7.2.2. Arranged tasks Created as checklist Created as subtask

7.2.3. Overdue tasks reminder

7.2.4. Supervisor can see all tasks for their staff

7.2.5. Transparent files and discussions Attached files to each tasks/project

7.2.6. Task management View task as a list View task a planner View task as kanban View task as gantt Monitoring deadline

8. Set reports and control system for remote employees

8.1. Manager’s worst fear

8.1.1. No idea about the job of the staff

8.1.2. Simple tasks take much longer time to do

8.1.3. Employee are lacking if there is no supervision

8.1.4. Not clear evaluation of employee performance

8.2. Remote work process transparent - Bitrix24

8.2.1. Supervisors see tasks for their subordinates

8.2.2. Deadline, checklist, subtasks gives better progress

8.2.3. Manager’s timely feedback on each tasks, assignment or project

8.2.4. Work time tracking/summary Clock in/clock out Workdays duration

9. Switch to remote selling with CRM

9.1. Selling without CRM

9.1.1. No access to a single up-to-date customer

9.1.2. Hard to involve coworkers in selling

9.1.3. No understanding of the deal

9.1.4. Clients don’t understand how to contact company

9.1.5. Each sales staff have their own private database

9.2. Customer database inside Bitrix24 CRM

9.2.1. Online cloud customer database With permission settings

9.2.2. Quick CRM search Customer Prospect customers Previous customers

9.2.3. Single proper CRM Calls Recorded automatically Emails Attached automatically Chat/social media messages

9.2.4. Chat and discussions inside CRM

10. Learn/teach to communicate from inside CRM

10.1. Common problems/mistakes

10.1.1. Company phone is in the office

10.1.2. Inquiries comes from multiple channels

10.1.3. Hard to route leads and customers among sales rep

10.2. Multiple advantage using Bitrix24 CRM

10.2.1. Bitrix24 telephony Calls recorded automatically

10.2.2. Company phone numbers is displayed not personal numbers

10.2.3. Processes incoming calls according to the rules

10.2.4. Detailed call statistics for each sales rep

10.2.5. Internal extensions with easy forwarding from one person to next

10.2.6. Recorded emails, calls, chats, social media