First Day of Class

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First Day of Class by Mind Map: First Day of Class

1. What are Students most worried about?

1.1. technology - working??

1.2. assigments on time

1.3. workload

1.4. exams and am I ready to pass

1.5. breakout rooms in team/zooms

1.6. exams online are too fast

1.7. time is critical

1.8. boundary between personal and school

1.9. time management

1.10. work/child care/sick/not in calgary

1.11. money - survival and keep going with course

1.12. how do I do this if new to SAIT

2. What are YOU most worried about?

2.1. technology - wifi goes down

2.2. the student's tech

2.3. no sait email addresses - apprentices

2.3.1. they do get them but they have to be found

2.3.2. not used when found

2.4. how well do they understand the course content

2.5. how to have the students show up consistentantly in 3 week blocks

2.6. worried for a shutdown

2.7. had to get creative with no planning in March

2.8. online labs - lack ability to fix mistakes

2.9. student's don't have computers