Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Can be calculated by using Force/Area.Example,a hippopotamus weighs 20 000 N. It stands on one foot with an area of 5 000cm2. What is the pressure on the ground? Solution:Pressure =

2. Force

2.1. Push or a pull

2.2. Effects

2.2.1. Change the speed of a moving object,by either increasing its speed or slowing it down.

2.2.2. Change the shape or size of an object

2.2.3. Start an object moving or stop a moving object

2.2.4. Change the direction of a moving object

2.3. Can be measured by force-meters(Spring Balances).

2.4. Important forces aroud us

2.4.1. Frictional Force It is a force when two moving surfaces are in contact.It slows down and stops a moving object.

2.4.2. Magnetic Force It is the force which a magnet exerts when it attracts objects made from magnetic materials.

2.4.3. Gravitational Force It is the force that pulls objects towards the Earth.

3. Pressure

3.1. It is when a large amonut of force is not able to push or pull a small object.

3.2. Can be increased by reducing the area.

3.3. Can be decreased by increasing the surface area.