Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. What is a force?

1.1. Push, pull, squeeze or twist

1.2. Cannot be seen

1.3. Can only see its effects

2. Types of forces

2.1. Gravitational force

2.2. Frictional force

2.3. Magnetic force

3. Effects of forces

3.1. Start a stationary object

3.2. Accelerate or decelerate a moving object

3.3. Change the direction of a moving object

3.4. Change the size or shape of an object

3.5. Stop a moving object

4. How to measure force?

4.1. Force meter

5. Definition of weight

5.1. Amount of gravitational force acting on object

6. About pressure

6.1. The smaller the contact area, the larger the pressure

6.2. The larger the contact area, the smaller the pressure

7. Calculating pressure

7.1. Force/Area

8. SI Unit

8.1. N/m2

8.2. Pascal (PA)