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Crazy laws by Mind Map: Crazy laws

1. America

1.1. Alaska

1.1.1. It's forbidden to push a living elk out off a plane or make him drunk

1.2. Arizona

1.2.1. Women must wear skirts. They are not allowed to wear trousers

1.3. Arizona

1.3.1. The cutting of a cactus is punished with an imprisonment of up to 25 years

1.3.2. Donkeys are not allowed to sleep in the bath tub

1.4. California

1.4.1. On Sundays skydiving for unmarried women is forbidden

1.4.2. Sexual relationship with a porcupin is not allowed

1.4.3. It is forbidden to break more than three dishes a day

1.5. Canada

1.5.1. It's forbidden to leave a plane while it is flying

1.5.2. If you buy something which costs 50 cents or more you are not allowed to buy only with pennies

1.6. Fort Medison

1.6.1. The fire brigade needs to practice 15 minutes before a mission

1.7. Hawaii

1.7.1. People who don't own a boat can be punished

1.7.2. It's not allowed to put coins in the ears

1.8. Illionois

1.8.1. If you don't have at least $1 in your pocket you can get imprisoned because of vagabondage

1.9. Indiana

1.9.1. Men are not allowed to stand in a bar, they need to sit

1.9.2. Moustaches are illegal if the wearer tends to kiss women

1.10. Marryland-Baltimore

1.10.1. You are not allowed to take lions to the cinema

1.10.2. It is illegal for a wife to go through her husband's pockets when he is asleep

1.11. Marshalltown

1.11.1. Horses are not allowed to eat fire hydrants

1.12. Massachusetts

1.12.1. Snoring is allowed as long the windows and doors are closed

1.12.2. It's forbidden to go to bed without a full bath

1.12.3. A gorilla should never driven on the back seat of a car

1.12.4. It's not legal to scare a pigeon

1.12.5. Disfiguring of a milk carton will be punished with $10

1.12.6. The mayor must give every new family a pig as a welcome present

1.13. Michigan

1.13.1. A woman is not allowed to cut her hair without asking her men first

1.14. Minnesota

1.14.1. You are not allowed to enter or leave Minnesota if you have a dog or a chicken on your head

1.14.2. It's forbidden to sleep naked

1.15. Mississippi

1.15.1. In Oxford you are not allowed to drive 100 times around the market square

1.15.2. It's not allowed to shave on the marketsquare

1.16. Montana

1.16.1. Unmarried women are not allowed to go fishing alone. Married women are not allowed to go fishing on Sundays

1.16.2. If a women opens the letters of her husband she commits a crime

1.17. Nebraska

1.17.1. Owners of a bar are only allowed to sell a beer if they are cooking a soup at the same time

1.17.2. Hairdresser's are not allowed to eat onions between 7am and 7 pm

1.18. Nevada

1.18.1. If somebody shot your dog you are allowed to hang him in your private grounds

1.19. New Hampshire

1.19.1. You are not allowed to sell your clothes for covering gambling debts.

1.20. New Jersey

1.20.1. Its forbidden for men to knit during the fishing season

1.21. New York

1.21.1. Going for a walk and having an ice cream in your trouser pocket is not allowed on Sundays

1.21.2. Men are not allowed to turn around because of a pretty women. It's punished with $25

1.22. North Carolina

1.22.1. If a man and a woman spend a night in a hotel as a couple, then they legally married, with immediate effect

1.23. North Carolina

1.23.1. Singing without notes is forbidden

1.23.2. If an unmarried couple rents a hotel room and states that they are married, they are married by operation of law

1.24. North Dakota

1.24.1. As long as you are wearing shoes you are not allowed to fall asleep

1.24.2. It's not allowed to serve prezels and beer at the same time

1.25. Ohio

1.25.1. More than 5 women are not allowed to live in the same house. Only in bordels live more than 5 women

1.25.2. On Sundays and on the 4th of July it is not allowed to arrest anybody

1.26. Oklahoma

1.26.1. Dogs need to have a signed permission of the mayor if they meet up in a group of more than three dogs on a private ground

1.26.2. Everybody who makes faces to dogs must pay a fine or get imprisioned

1.27. Oregon

1.27.1. Dishes are not allowed to be wet, they must be dry

1.27.2. On Sundays it's not allowed to eat ice cream

1.28. Pennsylvania

1.28.1. Outside of the house it's forbidden to sleep on a fridge

1.28.2. It's a prohibition to sing in the bath tub

1.28.3. A man is not allowed to buy alcohol without the permission of his woman

1.28.4. It is illegal to sleep on a refrigerator, but only outside!

1.29. Rhode Island

1.29.1. Every marriage will get automatically cancelled if one of the partners is an idiot or crazy

1.30. South Carolina

1.30.1. It's absolutely correct if you hit your women on the stairs in front of the courthouse

1.31. South Dakota

1.31.1. Only if horses are wearing shoes they are allowed to enter the "Fountain Inn" pub

1.31.2. It´s forbidden to sleep in a cheese factory

1.32. Tennessee

1.32.1. If you sleep you are not allowed to drive a car

1.33. Texas

1.33.1. You must pay $5 to get the permission to walk barefoot

1.33.2. You are not allowed to drink more than 3 sips if you are standing

1.34. Uruguay

1.34.1. If a men catches his wife when she is cheating on him the men is allowed to kill both or else cut his wife's nose and cut the lover's testicles

1.35. Utah

1.35.1. Restaurants have to serve wines and meals even if you've only asked for a wine

1.35.2. Birds have priority on the streets

1.36. Vermont

1.36.1. Piping underwater is not allowed

1.37. Vermont

1.37.1. On Saturdays every inhabitant must take a shower

1.37.2. Women need a written permission from their men if they want to wear false teeth

1.38. Virginia

1.38.1. You are not allowed to banish your women out of our bed

1.39. Washington

1.39.1. Lollipops are forbidden

1.39.2. It's not allowed to indicate that your parents are rich although they are not

1.40. West Virgina

1.40.1. It`s not allowed to snooze while driving by train

1.40.2. It's forbidden to whisper under water

1.41. Wisconsin

1.41.1. To cut a woman's hair is not allowed

1.41.2. To wake up a sleeping firefighter is against the law

1.42. Wyoming

1.42.1. Inhabitants are not allowed to have a shower on Wednesday

1.42.2. In June people are not permitted to take pictures of rabbit

2. Europe

2.1. Denmark

2.1.1. If somebody is under a car, it's not allowed to start the car

2.2. France

2.2.1. It`s forbidden to name a pig Napoleon

2.2.2. In Le Lavandou it's forbidden to die if you didn't reserve a place on cementary

2.2.3. Radio stations need to play French interprets at least 70% between 8am and 8pm

2.2.4. An ashtray is seen as a deadly weapon

2.3. England

2.3.1. In London you are not allowed to hit your wife after 9pm

2.3.2. It`s not allowed to eat pate of mince at Christmas day

2.3.3. It's not permitted for boys under the age of 10 to watch a naked mannequin

2.3.4. It's not allowed to be drunk in a bar, pub or restaurant

2.4. Germany

2.4.1. You are only allowed to swin in the sewer tunnel with the permission of the concerned departement

2.4.2. In Baden-Württemberg and Bayern it is not allowed to organize dancing events in the holiday season

2.4.3. Blind people is permitted to park their car in the stopping restriction. But they are not allowed to take the driving license.

2.5. Italy

2.5.1. If the closing time of a pub is 12pm, and a client orders a drink at 11.59 pm the waiter has to serve it. But if the client sits and drinks his beer at 12.01 pm the client is contravening against the blocking time law and he has to pay € 200-400

2.5.2. A man can get arrested if he is wearing a skirt

2.6. Russia

2.6.1. An old law says that trains need to stop and wait if somebody is lying on the embankment until he wakes up

2.6.2. It's prohibited by law to drive a dirty car

2.7. Switzerland

2.7.1. It's not allowed to dance on holidays like Christmas or Easter

3. Australia

3.1. It's illegal to walk on the right side of the sidewalk

3.2. Bars must provide the client's horse with water, food and a stable

3.3. The sexual act with a kangaroo is only allowed in a drunk state

4. Africa

4.1. Nobody is allowed to transform a person into a zombie

4.2. Long imprisonment for thievery - for a chicken one year, for a goat two years, for a cow six years

5. Asia

5.1. Afghanistan

5.1.1. Nobody is allowed to send emails neither private persons nor the authorities, except the central station of the Talibans

5.1.2. Women are not allowed to drive a car

5.1.3. Hindus, a minority in Afghanistan, must wear a yellow patch that they can be recognized as Hindus

5.1.4. Television, satellite dishes, chessboards are not allowed

5.2. China

5.2.1. People who want to study at university MUST be intelligent

5.2.2. In Hong Kong teachers are allowed to duct-tape a student's mouth if the student is chatty

5.2.3. In Peking bikers must pay a fee of 5 Yuan if they STOP at a crosswalk

5.2.4. It's not permitted to urinate in an elevator

5.3. Israel

5.3.1. On Saturdays squeezing a pimple on the nose is not allowed

5.3.2. If an illegal radio station is conducted more than five years, it is no longer illegal

5.4. Thailand

5.4.1. You are not allowed to leave your home without underwear

5.4.2. It`s forbidden to drive a car without wearing a T-Shirt