Masashi Kishimoto

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Masashi Kishimoto by Mind Map: Masashi Kishimoto

1. Profession: Manga ka, scriptwriter and artist

2. Birth : he was born on the eighth November one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four in Japon

3. Why he deserves it: because he is the author of my favourite manga.

4. Adjectives: Fantastic, persevering, exceptional and admirable.

5. Nationality : Japanesse

6. Success : It is one of the best know mangaka in the world? He received first his prize at the age of twenty, He is notably know to be the author of the manga Naruto

7. Moi: people often debate between Naruto, Dragon ball and One piece to find out which manga is the best. The three manga are extraordinary but for me naruto is still the best manga in the world because Naruto it is a life lesson