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My MBA by Mind Map: My MBA

1. Loans, Payoffs

2. Financial aspects

2.1. Costs

2.1.1. Fees ( Hostel, curricullum)

2.1.2. Monthly expenses

2.1.3. Opportunity costs (of letting two years go)

2.2. Placement package

2.2.1. Roles Consulting Product development

2.2.2. Location Only the metros. Bangalore preferable.

2.2.3. Company Bain, BCG, JPMC etc.

2.2.4. Package As high as I possibly can get..I am greedy and I know it

3. Life experience

3.1. Two years of fun

3.2. Location of B-school, Mumbai is better( may be!)

4. Knowledge

4.1. I was engineer. MBA would teach me Finance, HR, OB ..things I might need in future

5. Networking

5.1. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. MBA would expose me to the right people.

5.2. An IIM brand in my resume would help me sell myself better

5.3. I can bag funding from investors, meet like-minded people

6. Life issues

6.1. Marriage

6.2. Family circumstances

6.3. Girlfriend/ Boyfriend could get married in those two years. Can I afford to wait?