Fascinating and unique graduation traditions around the world

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Fascinating and unique graduation traditions around the world by Mind Map: Fascinating and unique graduation traditions around the world

1. University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa

1.1. The graduation celebration is very formal

1.2. When the ceremony is complete, the James Brown recording of I Feel Goodis is played.

2. In Sweden

2.1. Instead of a mortarboard hat, the students wear a round cap with a black bill called astudentmössa

2.2. When the students leave the building after the ceremony, families wait for them with large homemade signs; usually, to embarrass the graduate.

3. In the Philippines

3.1. Students have graduation ceremonies for each level of education completed.

3.2. Having received their diploma, they are honored with a garland placed around their necks.

3.3. In the procession the parents walk alongside the student.

4. In Spain

4.1. Robes with a built-in cape similar to those worn by the Pope are used.

4.2. They wear a round hat with a very large cuff, usually in blue.

5. Japanese students

5.1. They enter a coordinated march and sing as they line up for diplomas.

6. In Germany

6.1. Students have no ceremonies when they graduate, they are more focused on taking the final exam

6.1.1. The exam is called the Abitur, and it gives entrance to apprenticeships and universities.

7. The United Kingdom

7.1. The ceremonies are only held for college level students

7.2. The British wear robes but not mortar hats.

7.3. The ceremony is performed in latin.

7.4. The robe is usually colored according to the type of title awarded.

8. In Thailand

8.1. Diplomas are given out to students by members of the Royal family.

8.2. They must be dressed in traditional gowns over their student uniforms.

8.3. Women cannot decorate their hair and must wear stockings with plain black shoes and men cannot have facial hair, and their hairstyle is required to be short.

9. At Japan’s Kanazawa College of Art

9.1. Ceremonies look more like Halloween than a graduation.

9.1.1. Their attire has become so outrageous that TV crews come in to film the ceremonies.

10. At Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

10.1. Clothing

10.1.1. Women wear traditional kimonos or onna hakama.

10.1.2. Men wear traditional haori hakama

10.2. At ceremonies, students bow to the Japanese flag and sing the national anthem and the school song.

10.3. Each student climbs onto the podium and bows to the principal.

10.4. Before taking a seat, each student bows to his family members.

11. In Argentina

11.1. After the ceremony is complete students have food

11.1.1. Sticky things like ketchup and syrup, thrown at them.

12. In Italian

12.1. Friends and family throw food at graduates

12.2. Often wear costumes.

13. The Norwegians

13.1. They spend the last month of school at parties.

13.2. Sometimes they do contests like "best bus of the year" and "best music setup" of the year.

14. Russian women

14.1. Wear black dresses with white aprons while attending graduation ceremonies

15. The United States

15.1. It has many kinds of graduations.

15.2. Added ceremonies for kindergarten, elementary schools, and middle schools.

15.3. Students have begun using light colored tape to place thank you notes to their parents on top of their mortarboard caps.

15.4. Military schools like the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado

15.4.1. They celebrate their ceremonies in soccer stadiums and require gala uniforms.

15.4.2. Throw their hats into the air when the ceremony concludes with a flyby giving an inspiring visual effect

16. Chinese women

16.1. A new trend of renting wedding dresses to graduate begins.