3 Ways To Pace Your Life Up To Become More Effective

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3 Ways To Pace Your Life Up To Become More Effective by Mind Map: 3 Ways To Pace Your Life Up To Become More Effective

1. Walking Fast

1.1. Why Walk Fast?

1.1.1. Walking fast teaches our brain to work at a different pace. (There's no scientific proof)

1.1.2. People who walk fast and strategically are really productive people.

1.1.3. Fast walkers understand the value of time, and it transfers that understanding to other areas, like work.

1.1.4. There are many health benefits to walking fast: Raises your heart rate to a higher heart rate zone Increases fitness and endurance Increases muscle flexibility Tones muscles and more.

1.2. When To Walk Fast?

1.2.1. Do that when you are simply going from a point A to a point B.

1.2.2. If you walk to and from work, that’s the best time to power walk. Same with going to the grocery store, to the gym, etc.

1.2.3. Keep your leisure walk at a speed you’re more comfortable with.

2. Listening To Audio At A Faster Playback Speed

2.1. If you listen to podcasts, set the playback speed higher than 1x.

2.2. Start with 1.25x or 1.5x, then gradually increase as you get more comfortable.

2.3. Do the same with most online course platforms.

2.4. How To Stick To It?

2.4.1. It’s so weird at first, but you get used to it.

2.4.2. If you can comprehend the information at 2x the speed, you learn 2x faster.

2.4.3. After a while, your brain gets used to it, and once it does, you learn and comprehend at a much faster speed than most people.

3. Not Waiting For Things When You Don’t Need To

3.1. Here are things you’re probably guilty of waiting for:

3.1.1. The coffee machine

3.1.2. The toaster

3.1.3. The microwave

3.1.4. The elevator

3.1.5. The bus

3.1.6. and more

3.2. These things all work on a “timer”

3.3. Don’t wait in front of a coffee machine, toaster or microwave.

3.3.1. If there’s someone around, chat with them, build a relationship.

3.3.2. Reply to emails, read a book or do other productive things

3.4. Unless you live on the 15th floor or above, just take the stairs.

3.4.1. You'll arrive before or at the same time as someone who takes the elevator.

3.4.2. You may be a little more sweaty, but you're also healthier.

3.5. Don't wait 15 minutes for a bus for a 5-minute bus ride.

3.5.1. Take a walk.

3.5.2. It will take about the same time (maybe less), but it will be less stressful, and you’ll get free exercise out of it.