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Pressure by Mind Map: Pressure

1. Calculating pressure

1.1. Force / Area

2. What is a force?

2.1. A force is a push or pull, the capacity to do work or cause physical change.

3. Effects of forces

3.1. Change the direction of motion of an object

3.2. Cause a stationary object to move

3.3. Stop or slow down a moving object

3.4. Change the physical form of an object

4. Measuring force

4.1. Multiply the mass of that object by its accelaration to calculate its force

5. Important forces

5.1. Frictional Force ( Friction )

5.2. Magnetic Force

5.3. Gravitational Force ( Gravity )

6. Increasing Pressure

6.1. Force needs to be applied to a smaller surface area.

7. Decreasing Pressure

7.1. Force needs to be applied to a larger surface area.

8. What is Pressure

8.1. Pressure is the amount of force acting per unit area.