5 Ways To Be A Great Mentee For Your Mentor

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5 Ways To Be A Great Mentee For Your Mentor by Mind Map: 5 Ways To Be A Great Mentee For Your Mentor

1. Listen, Be Open-Minded

1.1. They take their precious time because they want to help YOU. You owe it to them to listen to what they have to say.

1.2. They will often tell you things you don’t yet comprehend. Be open-minded.

1.3. Don’t correct them. Don’t interrupt them when they speak.

1.4. Try to grasp their point of view.

1.5. Take notes. It shows you value their time. It’s also much easier for you to remember their advice.

1.6. Don’t check your cellphone or smart watch.

1.7. Don’t check the time unless you’ve got something really urgent to do after.

1.7.1. And when that’s the case, mention it at the start of the meeting.

2. Apply Their Suggestion

2.1. You may not always agree with their advice, but sometimes they just see further ahead.

2.2. For better or worse, try it nonetheless.

2.3. Unless you’re certain it’s destructive to you or your business.

3. Follow Up With Them

3.1. After you’ve applied and let enough time pass to assess the results of the advice, follow up with them.

3.2. Tell them what worked and what didn’t.

3.3. If they think they can improve on the advice, they’ll do their best.

4. Be Grateful For Their Advice

4.1. We always complain, yet always forget to thank the people who help or inspire us. Do it. But do it for them, not for you.

5. Be Honest With Yourself

5.1. Ask yourself:

5.1.1. Do you REALLY listen when someone tells you something?

5.1.2. Do you try to apply what people tell you, even when you don’t necessarily agree?

5.1.3. Do you follow up with people who give you advice?

5.1.4. Do you thank them for their help?

5.2. If you can honestly “yes” to those questions, you have some of the most important characteristics of someone who is mentor-able.