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R&D on MUPPLEs by Mind Map: R&D 
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Use Cases

Design Trajectories: Four Experiments in PLE Implementation (M. van Harmelen, 2008)

Educational Mashups for small contractors: facilitating access to e-mentoring services in South Africa (Nkaelang, Modiba, Mtsweni & Ngassam, 2009)

An Architecture to Support Learning Awareness, and Transparency in Social Software (Reinhardt & Rinne, 2009)

Enterprise Mashups for Personal Learning Environments (Auinger, Konnerth, Nedbal & Wetzlinger, 2009)

Personalized learning and the Ultraversity experience (Stephen Powella, Ian Tindalb & Richard Millwooda, 2008)

A case study on teachers' use of social tagging tools to create collections of resources (Vuorikari, 2008)

Many MUPPLE experiments and examples on (Tony Hirst)

Developing a sustainable, student entred VLE: the OUNL case. (Hermans & Verjans, 2009)

Technology Development

Visual Programming Languages (Tools)

Yahoo Pipes



Sprout Builder

Google App Engine

Microsoft Popfly

IBM Mashup Center

SAP Research Rooftop

Serena Mashup Suite


Scripting Languages

LISL - learner interaction scripting languages (Mödritscher, Wild & Sigurdarson, 2008)

MashMaker (Ennals & Gay, 2007)

Swashup (Maximilien, Ranabahu & Tai, 2007)

Making Mashups with Marmite: Towards End-User Programming for the Web (Jeffrey Wong, Jason Hong, 2006, 2007 a,b,c)




Patterns of Personal Learning Environments (Scott Wilson, 2008)


Social Software Modeling and Mashup based on Actors, Activities and Assets (Bogdanov, Salzmann, El Helou, & Gillet, 2008)

A Mashup-friendly Resource and Metadata Management Framework (Ebner & Palmér, 2008)

Recommender Systems

ReMashed (Drachsler et al. 2009 a,b)

Mashup Interfaces

Personal Learning Environment - a Conceptual Study (Taraghi, Ebner, Till & Muehlenburger, 2009)

Educational Approaches

Designing for Change, MUPPLE (Wild, Moedritscher & Sigurdarson, 2009)

Maturing Learning: Mashup Personal Learning Environments (Graham, Bimrose, Brown & Barnes, 2008)

The Coming Functionality Mashup In Personal Learning Envrionments (Severance, Hardin & Whyte, 2006)

The Personal Learning Environment and the human condition: from theory to teaching practice (Mark Johnson & Oleg Liber, 2009)

Personal Learning Environments - the future of eLearning? (Attwell, 2007)

The Personal Learning Environments Reference Model Project (Olivier & Liber, 2001)

Personal Learning Environments (Attwell, 2006) -

Pedagogy Forum, - CETIS Personal Learning Environment (PLE) Workshop (Corley, Liber, Johnson, 2006) -