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Manifesto by Mind Map: Manifesto

1. Believe

1.1. What do I believe?

1.2. What do I do with that?

2. State

2.1. Psalm 34

2.2. What does stating do for me? Why?

3. Act

3.1. a way to get involved each week

3.2. what we do with this

4. Interactive service

4.1. twitter



4.2. photobooth idea (video)

4.3. index cards / post it notes

5. Acts of Kindness

5.1. Pay for people's gas

5.2. Pay for people's groceries

5.3. Take over an oil change place

5.4. Mow a block of yards

5.5. Pressure wash driveways

5.6. Buy down the gas price for a period of time

5.7. Walmart gift cards from the BridgePoint greeters