Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. Examples of magnetic force

1.1. in refrigerators

1.2. in computers

1.3. in doors

2. Gravitational force

2.1. Formula for calculating Gravitational force

2.1.1. Mass x the amount of gravitational pull on the object

2.2. The amount of weight a person has on Earth is six times of what the weight of the person will be if the person is on Moon instead

2.3. Another word for Gravitational force is weight.

2.3.1. Weight is the amount of Gravity in an object while Mass is the amount of matter in an object.

3. Frictional Force

3.1. It's very important because without it, we wouldn't be able to walk or run and almost none of our daily life activities can be carried out.

3.2. To reduce the amount of frictional force between two surfaces, we can add lubricants or ball bearings between the two surfaces. We can also use two smoother surfaces as the amount of friction between two smooth surfaces is lesser than the amount of friction between two rough surfaces.

3.3. Frictional force is produced when two surfaces rub together

4. What are the different kinds of forces?

4.1. Gravitational Potential Force, Magnetic Force and Frictional Force

5. New node

6. Magnetic force

6.1. Magnetic pull is the push or pull between magnets

7. Pressure

7.1. Pressure is the force acting on an area (per unit area)

7.2. p is the symbol of Pressure

7.3. Pressure is also the force per unit area applied in the direction perpendicular to the surface of an object.

7.4. To increase pressure, you can decrease the surface area and vice versa

7.5. The formula to calculate pressure is force divided by area.

7.5.1. Pressure is measured in pascal (pa) 1 pa = 1 Newton/sq metre