Types of computer

Types of computers

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Types of computer by Mind Map: Types of computer

1. Desktop computer

1.1. introduction

1.1.1. A personal computer for regular use at single location on or near a desk or table due to it's size & power requirements

1.2. picture

1.3. advantages

1.3.1. Bigger screen storage capacity is bigger compared to tablet and smartphone easy to work with since the keyboard and screen is larger

1.4. disadvanteges

1.4.1. It's not portable It consumes more power than the other devices

2. Laptop computer

2.1. introduction

2.1.1. A device that often called a notebook, small, portable, personal computer with a "clamshell" form factor with build in monitor and keyboard

2.2. picture

2.3. advantages

2.3.1. Copy and pate easily because the existence of keyboard Bigger screen so it's easier to do work on & long battery span

2.4. disadvantages

2.4.1. Limited apps because everything you just need to go to the web browsers It's quite big to carry it around compared to tablet and smartphone Easily damage if fall off your hand

3. Smartphone/Iphone

3.1. introduction

3.1.1. Smart phone is a hand-held device that allows the user to use basic functions of a phone and other functions such as games,internet and calenders and much more.

3.2. picture

3.3. advantages

3.3.1. You can carry it every where.

3.4. disadvantages

3.4.1. Sometimes can't even work with internet.

4. Smartwatch

4.1. introduction

4.1.1. A device that can be connected to the smartphone and basic functions from the phone can be use on the watch such as answering calls, reading text messages, counting steps and much more

4.2. picture

4.3. advantages

4.3.1. can count daily steps wearable & portable, lightweight and able to answer voice call

4.4. disadvantegas

4.4.1. You can't reply messages from smartwatch because there aren't any keyboard, to hard to control cause the screen is to small lastly you can't use it when there no internet

5. Tablet

5.1. introduction

5.1.1. A mobile device, typically function as a smartphone but have a bigger screen

5.2. picture

5.3. advantages

5.3.1. The battery span is longer than a smartphone Have all the functions from both laptop and smartphone

5.4. disadvantages

5.4.1. The screen is small compared ta laptop so it's harder to do task like typing a full length document The battery span is shorter than a laptop Harder to type because there is no keyboard on the Tablet