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1.1. IELTS

1.1.1. READING Advice Do Dont Tasks Gap fill tasks Multiple-choice Matching tasks Matching headings True-False-Not given Reading 40 questions 60 minutes There are reading passages in the Reading Module with a total of 2,000 to 2,2750 words(Academic) or 2,000 to 2,500 words (General Training). All answers mist be entered on an answer sheet during the test. No extra time is allowed to transfer answers.

1.1.2. WRITING Essays Plan 10% plan, 80%writing, 10% check Useful Language The linking words "cats are better pets than dogs" do you agree or disagree. explain your reasons why.... scoring "all students should learn English " do you agree or disagree . explain why... some countries have to rely or tourism as there major source of income.However, many people believe that the problems caused by tourism are more serious than those it has soiled. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?" give reason for your answer, and include any relevant ....from your own knowledge or experience.(250 words) and / but / so / because / for example If someone is impolite to you that incorrect maybe someone listened to ladvise and irregular . You should disbelieve , because You distrust bad who can got goodie . And then repeat you are thinking such as replay a gam , the end the bed thinking uncover of you're life . Academic essay Structure Academic writing SEQUWNCERS useful language prepositions (in , at , of ) writing 2 tasks 60 minutes Task 1 allow about 20 minutes for this Task 2 allow about 40 minutes for this LELTS Vocabulary(GENERAL)

1.1.3. SPEAKING about the teaching: Idioms 1 2 3 Speaking approximately 11-14 minutes The speaking Module consists of an oral interview between you an an examiner. FILLER PHRASCS "errr.." "ummm..." "one moment" "Let's me think" "what can I say" "what am I trying to say" "how can I say this?" "that 's an interesting question" " that's a tough one" "that's a difficult one" OPEN "id like to talk about" "is like to say" id like to tell you" "the first ting I should say is ..." Close "that about all I can say about (topic)" "I think I've covered everything" I don't have anything more to add" I don't have anything more to say" LELTS Speaking Questions & Topics for Part One Common Topics Other Common Part 1 IELTS Speaking Questions IELTS Speaking Topics Part 2 - Cue cards A person you know Presents or Gifts Memories Food Music Sport and Exercise Entertainment Travel Buildings Reading News Daily Routine IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Questions and Topics Eating habits Education Environment Influence of television Influences on the young Leisure activities shopping Sports Transport

1.1.4. LISTENING Listening 40 questions approximately 30 minutes. There are four sections to this part of the test and they are always in the same order . Each section is heard ONCE only. During the test, time is given for you to read the questions and write sown and check your answers. Ten minutes is allowed at the end of the test for you to transfer your answers from the question paper to an answer sheet. The teaching On top LISTENING

1.1.5. GRAMMAR Verb tense Simple continuous Perfect continuous PERFECT simple Conditional 1st Conditional future(possible) If +v1...+sub + will _v1 if I don't study, I will not get points. 2nd conditional 3rd conditional 0 zero conditional Relative clauses Who/ Whose we Only sue relative clauses to describe something. My friend/ lives in Beijing. My friend, My friend, my sister Give more important Without (starting a new sender) State verb +"To" subject Comparatives/Suprtlatives comparatives superlatives same ThePassive "be + past participle" "modal + be + past participle. why Present simple: past simple: present continuous : past continuous : present perfect: future simple: The Definite Articles seasons times of day ordinals only*1 2nd time bothknow special places special books oceans, rivers, seas, mountain rangers naturs supert ati. dates inventions croups of countries / states Sequencers 1 Have + noun Be + adjective Accept/unacceptable/un acceptance/acceptable and/ but/ so/ because/for example and but so because for example common mistakes 1. 2. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Have/Has got sub+Have got +noun--- I have got/ I've got sub+Has got +noun-- she has got / she's got I have got ( I've got) she has got (she's got) Name + has got +noun -- Daniel has got / Daniel's got Daniel has got(Daniel's got) I / You He /She /It Name Example: Adverbs of Frequency How often? Transition Words and Phrases Opposition/limitation/contrdaiction effect/ result cause / condition / purpose examples / support / emphasis agreement / addition / similarity

1.1.6. VOCABULARY Idioms describing people moods, states & feelings describing thins General. COLLOCATIONS 1.a splitting headache. 2. a flat battery 3. a soft spot. 4. a narrow escape 5. a sweeping. statement. 6. an acquired taste. 7. a pet. hate. 8. a sharp tongue. 9. a square meat 10. a quick temper. 11. an unwritten down. 12. wishful thinking. 13. a dirty look. 14. a short cut. 15. a golden handshake. 16. a mixed blessing. 17. a long shot. 18. a fat chance. 19. a great chance. 20. a flying visit. 21. double watch a soft spot a narrow escape a sweeping statement an acquired taste a pet hate a sharp tongue a quick temper a square meal an unwritten law a short cut IELTS Collocations 1.clear relationship-- clear relationship between___and___ 2.become aware--of +noun 2.become aware--that +verb 3.share information about 3.share information with 3.share information on 3.share information in 4.Technological development 5.Physical appearance. -- of 6.social media I have become aware that there is a clear relationship between share information on the internet and technological development. Technological development must become aware of a clear relationship ......sharing information about children's physical appearance and online ....on social media. Prefixes and suffixes Prefixes Suffixes Nouns Lime. liquid furnace thesis courier. lamp. former Operator. tourism. popularity latitude wildlife. nest. site. pursuit. region. infrastructure observer excursion Helicopter Cruise. ship. code. 19th century. 20th century 21st. century hazelnut. caramel. image advertisement. temperature. contrast. distance design. lens. method. routine Passive owned by. Active Belong to Verbs Make-made find- found blow- blew forbid- forbade- forbidden give - gave. rise - rose. Consist OF defend ON(need). get ON. BY taxi/ foot. good AT. look forward TO. excited FOR. tend TO keen ON. rest IN. go up. TO. go up BY Associate. occur. ensure regulate. crush contrast. cheat. alter. deceive. spot Adjectives Crushed. Venetian imaginative former- - latter. Attractive harmful stressed. Containers Amount + container + preposition + uncountable ( noun ) Uncountable nouns childhood currency($,元) damage dancing education. employment. engineering. equipment. evidence. fun. furniture gas glass. gold. grammar. hair. health. help. homework. ice- cream. juice knowledge. love. luck. mail. meat. metal. money. news. music. nature. paper. pollution. power. pronunciation. psychology. quality. rain. research. room. safety. sand. silence. sleep. smoke. snow. soap. sport. staff-propel stuff -things. success time trade traffic. travel wealth. weather. weight. wildlife. f wisdom. work. yoga youth Expressions In those days made by hand one of the smallest further education 1. The chart shows 2. in the beginning of the 20th century. 3. by the end of the 20th century. 4. figures for the former show. 5. only two periods showed 6. this(noun) continued until... when... 7. until... when there was... 8. overall there was... phrasal verbs show -- point out explain -- get across explain clear -- spell out mention(say) -- bring up not mention -- leave out notice (see) --pick up/on summary --sum up support ---back up consis of / keen on / depend on / got on / belong to / good at / quick with / excited for / forward to IRREGULAR YERBS dig - dug - dug die - dove - dive do - did - done draw - drew - drown dream - dreamed - dreamed drive - drove - driven drink - drank - drunk eat - ate - eaten fall - fell - fallen feel - felt - felt fight - fought - fought find - found - found fly - flew -- flown forget - forgot - forgotten forgive - forgave - forgiven freeze - froze - frozen get - got - gotten give - gave - given go - went - gone be ( am , is ,are --was / were - been beat - bent - beaten become - became - become begin - Megan - begun bent - bent - bent bet -bet -bet bid - bit - bitten blow - blew - blown break - broke - broken bring - brought - brought build - built - built buy - bought - bought burn - burnt - burnt catch -caught - caught choose - chose - chosen come - came - come cost - cost - cost cut - cut - cut meet - met - met pay - paid - paid read - read - read ride - rode - ridden ring - rang - rang run - run - run say - said -said see - saw - seen sell - sold - sold sent - sent - sent show - showed - shown shut - shut -shut sing - sang - sung sit - sat -sat sleep - slept - slept speak - spoke - spoken spend - spent - spent grow - grew - grown hang - hung - hung have - had - had hear - heard - heard hit - hit - hit hide - hid - hidden hold - held - held hurt - hurt - hurt keep - kept - kept know - knew - known lay - laid - laid leave -left -left lend - lent -lent let - let - let lie - lay - lain lost - lost -lost make - made - made mean - meant - meant stand - stood - stood swim - swam -swum take - took -taken teach - taught - taught tear - tore - torn tell - told - told think - thought - thought throw - threw - thrown understand - understood - understood wake - woke - woken win - won - won write - wrote -written

1.1.7. ERRORS I almost know everything. I forgot what furnace means. What is the difference between an essay and a thesis? that briefcase belongs to Paula. Else never understands which are the healthiest things to eat. Water freezes at zero degrees centigrade. What are you doing? I' m reading a book. Beijing has fa larger number of high rise buildings than Bubai. There was a gentle decline. There was a drastic improvement You can see everything and a few people. Images of views are my favorite. They were classmates. I took this. It was built last yeas. The place is called "Redwood park." A big film company. You can choose one. I have a lot of questions and problems.

1.1.8. IELTS (exam) 2 hours 40 minutes reading writing Listenings Speaking Band Scores 5.5 6 6.5 7 DAND Descriptors ( 6.5 - 7 ) fluency Vocabulary Grammar Pronvncialion By Daniele 1 *collins Essential Thesaurus *MINDMAP 1 important Habit homework After Tuesday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday


1.2.1. Academic words for Ielts

1.2.2. Check you vocabulary for Ielts

1.2.3. Essential Grammar in use supplementary Exercises

1.2.4. Objective student's book

1.2.5. Idioms

1.2.6. Speakout

1.2.7. Verb tense summary

1.2.8. Linking words

1.3. MBA

1.3.1. MBA GLOBAL COURSE Global MBA - Business - University of DerbyUniversity of Derby logoUniversity of Derby logo Costs & Fees Entry Requiremennts Study Plann Contact information Other information

1.3.2. online https://www.derby. ac.uk/online/business-courses/global-mba-online/

1.3.3. Credits ( points ) -- Masters = 140 credits (points). Diploma = 120 credits ( points). Certificated = 60 credits ( points )

1.3.4. stage Stage 1 stage 1 =60 credits -- 60 credits = business certificate stage 1= 4,350 ( 3 credits , 1 credit = 1,450 ). stage 2 stage 2 = 120 credits -- 120 credits = diploma. stage 1 +stage 2 = 8, 700 ( credits 0 stage 3 stage 3 =20 credits =masters degree stage 1 + stage 2 + stage 3 = 13,050 stage 1 = 4, 350 stage 2 = 4, 350 stage 3 = 4, 350

1.3.5. 1 certificata = 3 modules diploma = 6 modules degree = 6 modules + projects ( thesis )

1.3.6. time stage 1 = 8 months - 1 year stage 2 = 8 months -1 year stage 3 = 8 months - 1 year

1.3.7. Payment 1 year = 4,350 3 years = 13,050

1.3.8. choice to pay (1) Monthly (2) Module = by Module (3) pay all = 5% discount

1.3.9. Entry requirements (1) IELTS 6.5 speaking , listening , reading , writing) (2) (a) Uni degree (b) professional business qualification (c) Business / Management experience (d) good communication skills = knowledge / experience about business .

1.3.10. --' Maybe will have an interview ( just maybe ) (a) OR (b) OR (c) OR (d)

1.3.11. --180 credits ( stage 3. projects thesis = 60 credits )

1.3.12. To achieve the MBA Global , you will need to complete 60 credits at each stage , totaling 180 credits . You will conclude stage 3 of your MBA Global studies with a dissertation worth 60 credits .

1.3.13. --Course choice = 'MBA Global ' Qualification Master = ' MBA Global '


2.1. Nouns

2.1.1. Atheist/theist theism/ theology Mystery Perception Geology Window shopping , real estate, interest marked, Stock market. Sales/Sales person/sales man/ sales woman, synopsis, marathon tortoise hare burnout compounding-effect material clothing, security guard, gap-year, compliment gadget mucus mist fairy mermaid snorkeling demon angels The Lord of The Rings! Feminist Uk=wardrobe USA= Closet Rain( downpour, shows, rain, drizzle, spit) interest. Agnostic/ agnosticism, Non-believer skipping/ skipping rope. Index funds, 50,000(fifty thousand), a group. fund, hindsight , penny-pound, cent-dollar, Mao-yuan, mistress, sugar daddy, divorce rate, the 1950s, a cycle, generations, culture shock, hassle, belly/stomach, hard drive, fortnight, web browser, a technician, a drill, sound , district, balance, mass migration , corruption, interference, assistant.

2.2. Verbs

2.2.1. skip hurry. spread hard- sell condense speak over, interrupt compliment, admit(to hospital), discharge(from hospital) stay(in hospital) spit. decorate , take action, divorce, pamper

2.3. Adjectives

2.3.1. Deaf patient/ impatient clumsy depressed/depressing uplifting , good hearted, grouchy, attractive, stressful, independent, economical, frugal, paranoid, derogatory, fascinating, physically. tired, independent, fragile, powerless, exhausted, weak, hectic, tricky, horror, scenic. anxious, strict, self-motivated, energetic, talkative, traumatized

2.4. Sayings

2.4.1. "looks can be deceiving"

2.4.2. Repetition is the mother of skill"

2.4.3. drastic times cause for drastic measures

2.4.4. in the right place at the right time

2.4.5. hindsight is a wonderful thing

2.4.6. abuse the system

2.4.7. blood is thicker than water

2.4.8. I feel weak and fragile

2.4.9. you cheer me up.

2.5. Expressions 1

2.5.1. "thank you for the compliment"

2.5.2. "Put money aside"

2.5.3. "life is unfair"

2.5.4. "a beautiful memory"

2.5.5. " a childhood memory"

2.5.6. your voice is breaking up"

2.5.7. "kill 2 birds with one stone"!

2.6. Expressions 2

2.6.1. "Abuse their authority/ power"

2.6.2. "Commit suicide( commit= do something bad)"

2.6.3. "Commit a crime; commit murder; commit fraud"

2.6.4. "Open to interpretation"

2.6.5. "we expect the world"

2.6.6. "The wheel breaks the butterfly"

2.6.7. "It's a marathon, not a race"

2.6.8. "Pace yourself"

2.6.9. "Have a rest, but never quit"

2.6.10. I did wrong (seriously bad)-do wrong =do a bad thing.

2.6.11. "what I did was wrong"(seriously bad or small mistake)

2.6.12. 'I made a mistake.

2.6.13. "If I knew then what I know now"

2.6.14. "In recent years..."

2.7. Error

2.7.1. 1.The doctor needs to get a lot of information.2. such as doing exercise, such as doing meditation, such as focusing. 3. for ten years I needed a doctor to help me. 4.sometimes you are like a child. 5.do you know what I eat? 6.I will send it to you. 7.his name is Andrew. 8.thank you for agreeing with me. 9.do you jump in your room? 10.when will it stop? 11.many people can't work. 12.next tome I want to travel with you.

2.8. Across Down

2.8.1. Across ( n) the words in a song (adj) so much or so great (adj) pink /purple colour (n) beautiful , yellow flower (n)things all around you (n)God's messengers (adj) old, dirty ,poor (n) go higher (n) cold air and wind (n) abusing your power for money (n) repeated lyrics in a song (n) kill yourself (n)mental health (n)white people e.g. Australia (n) a beautiful free bird (n) fire (n)life problem from 40-50 years old (adj) covering a very large space (adj) very clam and peaceful (n) soft , summer wind (n) bad mental health (v) walk around freely (n) bedsheets

2.8.2. Down (v) very fast (n) bad people go here (adj) very attractive , beautiful (n) lift (adj) can see in the dark , glow in the dark (n)something against the law (adj ) very very beautiful and amazing (v) give money to the police (adj ) related or from God (n) move your body easily (v) change your hair colour (n)the end of suffering , always happy (n) in top of a helicopter (v) government do not allow people to do this (n) ball shape (n) giving money to authorities (adj) nationality of Holland (v) treat someone badly e . g . children or women (n) a wise teacher (n) to 'be' (n) small country next to England (n) strong alcoholic drink (n)someone you don't know (n) something that is annoying (n) put a painting or photo in this (n) another world e. g. the spirit world (v) protect your body for a crash



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3.3. IELTS

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3.5. Book


4.1. Review 1

4.1.1. LESSONS AUGUST 29. Aug SEPTEMBER 03. September 06. September 09. September 13. September 17. september 20 . september 23. September 27. September OCTOBER 13. October 18. October 21. October 25. October 28. October 31 . October NOVEMBER 15 . November 22. November 25 . November 29. November December 6. December 9. December 13.December

4.1.2. REVIEW BOOK Word Files Pdf File File

4.2. Review 2

4.2.1. 20. December Section 1 Songs Poems Section 2 Bible Verses : Section 4 : Grammers :

4.2.2. 23. December Daniele : sometimes you need to slow down to speed up . The slower you go , the faster you arrive . Many students - go fast but with no progress . Better to go slow - but with good progress . The truth = slow = fast fast = slow . Who goes slowly , stays healthy , goes far . slowly = healthy , slowly = go far . No rush - no pressure . unknown : bullets , chills , linen , blaze , swirling clods , violet ,amber , portraits , hang -hung - hung , empty , hall ,ride through : go on a horse and ride through the forest . Go on a camel and ride through the desert . You need to ride through the hard time in life . Fill spaces lucid , nuisance : I was trying to sleep - the dog was barking - its a nuisance . Chagrin , bewildered and existence , vigorous wing , luminous . serene ( calm , relaxed ) , Unknown : Grammar : Present continuous ( arranged future plan ) : I 'm going to meet my friend on Saturday at 5 PM . I am meeting my friend on Saturday at 5 PM. I am reading books tomorrow morning . I am flying to Shanghai on February 2nd at 7 PM. I' m staying in the Pit Hotel next week . ( booked the hotel already ) . I am eating at the restaurant on Sunday at 6 PM. Past continuous : Future continuous : 1 unknown : conditionals : frist conditional second conditional tired conditional ( PAST UNREAl )If +past perfect +would have (could have ). I had driven you would have come with me ./ if I had studied hard at school I would be rich now. /if I have made more good friends I would have been smart . Relative clauses:Who , where , that's why WHOSE : she is a woman Whose husband is rich . Daniele I a lovely boy whose dog is cute . he is a rich man Whose house is big . A company in beijing whose employees are hardworking . / WHERE : china is a beautiful county where many people travel . Sanya is a place where I reveal even year . Beijing is a big city where I lived for three years . THAT"S WHY : Superlatives + est THE + ADJECTIVE + EST : the cleanest , Singapore is the cleanest city in the world . Beijing is the safest city in the world . e is the friendliest person . The dog is the loveliest dog in the world . the girl is the smartest girl in the school . the smallest .

4.2.3. 29. December Sequencers : First Second Third Fourth Then. in the first place / first of all /Firstly /. Finally. Next / Subsequently After Later Before At last. Lastly As soon as Meanwhile To summarize In conclusion / To conclude At this point./ A final point in short. all in all To start with / For a start To begin in the end / at the end last but no least in assiteion another Further / Furthermore Eventually Containers : A type of person / A type of company , A kind of idea / A kind of thought / A kind of conversation , A bit ( A lot ) of apples ,/ A piece of paper , glass , metal ,/ a bowl pf rice , soup ,/ a bar of chocolate , gold , cheese , /a bottle of wine , water , soda ,/ a pack of beer , soda , /. a bunch of lowers , grapes , keys , bananas , /. a roll of toilet paper , /a pound of cheese , meat , beef , lamb ,/ an ounce of cheese , gold , sugar ,/ a stick of candy , gum , chalk , /a loaf of bread , meat ,/ a slice of bread , pizza ,cheese , meat , cake ,/ A jug of water , lemonade , beer , /a packet of nuts , crisps , chips / a tub of juice , milk , wine , / a cup of water , milk tea , a tin / a can of coke , beer ,soup , / a package of cakes , mooncakes , a dozen , a half dozen eggs , apples , people , a litter of wine , oil , vinegar , a gallon of oil , water , Gas & petrol , a pint of beer , a bouquet / vase of flowers , a mug of coffee ,tea , / a glass of wine , water . Adverbs of Frequency : 100% always : He always gives flowers to Mary . 85% usually : I usually take two buses per day . 75% frequently : She frequently goes to the park . 60% often : We often miss the English class . 50% sometimes : They sometimes play soccer until the night . 40% occasionally : I occasionally travel by work . 30 % : rarely : You rarely mixture friendship with business . 20% seldom : He seldom lends something . 10 % : hardly ever : we hardly ever play video game . 0% never : I never go out without money . irregular verbs : Lose lost lost / make made made / ,mean meant meant / meet met met / pay paid paid / mistake mistook mistaken / overhear overhear overheard / oversleep overslept overslept / put put put / read read read / rend rent rent / rid rid rid / ride rode ridden / ring rang rung / rise rose risen / run ran run / say said said / see saw seen / seek sought sought / sell sold sold / send sent sent / set set set / shake shook shaken / shed shed shed / shine shone shone / shoot shot shot / show showed shown / shrink shrank shrunk / shrive shrove shriven / shut shut shut / sing sang sung / sink sank sunk / sit sat sat / slay slew slain / sleep slept slept / slide slid slid / sling slung slung / slink slunk slunk / slit slit slit / smell smelt smelt / smite smote smitten / speak spoke spoken / speed sped sped / spend spent spent / spin spun spun / spit spat pat / split split split / spoil spoilt spoilt / spread spread spread / spring sprang sprung / stand stood stood / steal stole stolen / stick stuck stuck / sting stung stung / stride strode stridden / stink stank stunk / side strode stridden / strike struck struck / string strung strung / strive strove striven / swear swore sworn / sweep swept swept / swim swam swum / swing swung swung / take took taken / teach taught taught / tear tore torn / tell told told / think thought thought / throw threw thrown / thrust thrust thrust / tread trod trodden / understand understood understood / undertake undertook undertaken /undo undid undone / upset upset upset /wake woke woken / wear wore worn / weave wove woven / weep wept wept / win won won / wind wound wound / withdraw withdrew withdrawn / withstand withstood withstood / wring wrung wrung / write wrote written / abide abode abode / arise arose arisen / awake awoke awoken / be was / were been / bear bore born / become became become / befall befell befallen / begin began begun / behold beheld beheld / bend bent bent / bereave bereft bereft / beseech besought besought / beset beset beset / bespeak bespoke bespoken / bestride bestrode bestridden / bet bet bet / bid bade / bid bidden / bid / bind bound bound / bite bit bit / bleed bled bled / blow blew blown / break broke broken / breed bred bred / bring brought brought / broadcast broadcast broadcast / build built built / burn burnt burnt / burst burst burst / buy bought bought / can could / cast cast cast / catch caught caught / choose chose chosen / sling clung clung / come came come / cost cost cost / creep crept crept / cut cut cut / deal dealt dealt / dig dug dug / do did done / draw drew drawn / dream dreamt dreamt /drink drank drunk / drive drove driven / dwell dwelt dwelt / eat ate eaten / interweave interwove interwoven / fall fell fallen / feed fed ffed / feel felt felt / fight fought fought / find found found / flee fled fled / fling flung flung / fly flew flown / forbid forbad forbidden / forecast forecast forecast / forget forgot. forgotten / forgive forgave forgiven / forsake forsook forsaken / foresee foresaw foreseen / foretell foretold foretold / freeze froze frozen / get got got / give gave given / go went gone / grind ground ground / grow grew grown / hang hung hung / have had had / hear heard heard / hide hid hidden / hit hit hit / hold held held / hurt hurt hurt / keep kept kept / kneel knelt knelt / know knew known / lay laid laid / lead led led / lean leant leant / leap leapt leapt / learn learnt learnt / leave left left / lend lent lent / let let let / lie lay lain . Suffixes : ADJECTIVES : NOUNS : ADVERBS : Prefixes : Anti : (against) , antisocial / pro: (forward ) promote , propose , /Dis : ( opposite ) dislike , dishonest ,/In ( not ) incorrect , / Con : ( with ) co-worker , colleague ,/Extra : ( more than ) Extra- terrestrial , / Fore : ( before ) foresee forehead forecast ,/ Mis : ( wrongly ) misunderstand , misread , /Mono : ( singular ) monocoloured , monoculture , / Non : ( not, without ) , non- fat , non-alcoholic , / Sub : ( under ) subconscious , subway , subculture ,/ Trans : ( across ) , transform ,transport , transatlantic , / un:( not ) unfriendly , unhappy , unusual , / uni : ( one ) , universal , / post : ( after ) , postpone ,/ Inter : ( between ) international , internet ,/ Ex:( former ) ex-president , ex-boos ,/ over : ( too much ) overwork , overeat , / Pre : ( before ) preschool , preview , precook ,/ Re: ( again ) reread , review ,/ super : ( above ) superman , supernatural , superstar , / Under :( below ) undercut , under sleep , / Mid :( middle ) midnight , mid class ,mid-air , / Micro :( small ) , microscope , macroeconomy , /Macro : ( large ) , macroeconomy , / Semi : ( half ), semicolon ,semicircle , semiconscious ,/ Tri / Bi : ( three ) triangle , tricycle , / Ante : ( before ) , Anteroom , / homo :( same ) homophobic , / Auto :( self ) , autopilot , automatic , Autopay , / Poly: ( many ) ,polycotton,/ Hyper:( over ) hyperactive , hyperventilate , hypersensitive , / Out : ( too / much / more ) , outwork , outrun , outplay ,/ Ii:(not) illegal , / Im :( not ) impossible , impolite , / Multi : ( many ) ,multcoloured , multicultural .

4.2.4. 30.December container : A roll of Toilet , A stick of gum , A loaf of bread ( meat ) , A packet of nuts ( crisps , ships ) , A tub of ice-cream , A carton of juice ( milk ) , A tube of toothpaste , A package of cakes ( mooncakes ) , A dozen / half a dozen of eggs ( apples, people ) , A pint of beer , A mug of coffee ,tea . irregular verbs: Bend , bent ,bent / bereave , bereft , bereft / bite , bit bitten / burn , burnt ,burnt / dig ,dug , dug / draw , drew , drawn / freeze , froze, frozen / hide ,hid ,hidden / lend lent lent /mistake , mistook , mistaken / ride , rode , ridden / rise , rose , risen / run , ran run / shine , shone ,shone / shoot , shot , shot / sit sat sat / spit spat spat / swim, swam , swum /throw , threw ,thrown / write , wrote , written / prefixes: extra: more then , mono: singular ,monocoloured , monoculture post: after, postpone super: above ,superman ,superstar ,supernatural anti: against , antisocial homo: same , homograph ,homonuclear ,homoplastic . poly: many, hyper: over ,hyperactive, hyperventilate,hypersensitive out: too, much/more, outwork, outrun, outplay multi: many ,multi colored, multicultural suffixes: -ward: shows direction, forward , -- ways: shows direction sideways sequencers: counties, nationalities, vocabularies: nouns : adjustment : 调整 , detour :车辆改道, freight : 货车, obstacle : 障碍, mania :狂躁, conflict : 冲突, revolver : 左轮手枪, charkhas : 脉轮, barbarian : 野蛮人。 verbs: manifest : 表现, dedicate : 奉献, decipher : 解码, contemplate : 沉思, reveal : 揭示, capture : 捕获 , emerge : 出现, pursue : 追求, unravel: recur: 复发 Adjectives : solitary : 孤独, relived : 松了一口气,drastic : 剧烈, incessant : 不断的, reserved : 矜持, substantial : 充实的, immersed : 沉浸, treacherous : 奸诈, impulsive : 浮躁, hasty : 仓促, strict : 严格, disciplined : 纪律严明


5.1. Review

5.2. Xiaofan Homeowork 13.10.2020

5.2.1. Past Past simple : ( past finished ) : I talked with some friends yesterday . Past continuous : (was / were + v- ing ) (1) 2 past simultaneous action : I was within down some words on a note book as I was taking with some one on the phone call. (2) past action interrupted = past continuous + past simple : I was walking on the road when it rained .(3) past action specific time : Airplanes were stopping to fly on July in 2020. Past perfect simple = past perfect simple + past simple : (1) 1 past finished action before another past finished action : We had learned English before I reviewed my homework . Past perfect continuous : (1) past continuous action before anther past finished action : Before we made a beautiful book we had been reading a book about < The Alchemist >

5.2.2. Present Present simple : (1) Fact / Truth : Most of people like good foods . companies earn money from them produces. The sun rises from east everyday . (2) Routines / Habits : Daniele loves to travel . People use online for work the recent years . Present continuous: ( 1 ) Moment of speaking : it is winding now. Present prefect simple : (1 ) past action true now : He has written for four hours about a book . (2) Finished past can see now : He has made a beautiful book . (3) Finished past ( Don't say or don't know when ) The phone have broken . Present perfect continuous : (1) Begin in past , continuous now: She was been losing her weight since 2019. They have been researching about the project from 2019. He has been writing a book since 2000. (2) Recently finished action , can see now : The kitchen misses because I have been cooking.

5.2.3. Future Future simple :(1) plans : I will cook tomorrow. I am going to the office tomorrow. (2) it will be a perfect world for everyone living in the earth . Future continuous : (1) Future specific time : I will be running tomorrow morning . Future prefect : (1) Future action after present action : I will have a dog and will love it . I will have a smart phone and it will have useful for me . Future prefect continuous : (1) Future continuous action , after specific action : I will have been traveling and will have speaking with the local people .

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5.3.1. idioms : describing a person : I would like to take about my grandfather . who looked like a laid back person. who was always clam, most of the words he spoke with my grandmother . I think the he just enjoyed talking with my grandmother . who was most of time in hard work. who was good with his job, he grew up some grapes and strawberries .that made them was beautiful . I really liked him, because he had never been big headed , I really liked him, because he loved his family and he took care about his children. I really liked him, because he was a kind person and who had never been tight - fisted . some times he has a little bit hot - headed about his cow. we always do something absent minded in our life , but some person we will remember forever. if he were live , I would love him more . if we lose some one in our life , we feel sad.

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5.4.1. prefixes Dis, mis , un , in match : rematch (noun)(复赛) , mismatch ( verb ,noun )(实力悬殊,不公平) connect :reconnect (verb) (再链接), mi s connect (noun)会议链接, unconnect (adjective) (不连接) load : reload (verb ) 重新载入 , unload (verb ) (卸货) tied : retied(verb) ( 重新系) ,untied (verb) (解开) take : retake ( verb ) (再取 ) , mistake , up-take ( 摄取 ) , intake ( 摄取量) cut : recut , miscut ,uncut dis , pre , out , over board : disboard (卸载) pre board , outboard (adjective) (外侧的-飞机,船), overboard (adjective) (全身心投入的, 极其热心的) Load : preload (verb ) 预加载,overload (使)过载 take : outtake (noun)通风孔, overtake (verb)赶上 count :discount (noun),打折扣, overcount (verb)对...做过高的评估 charge : discharge (verb)准许(某人)离开,释放。 (noun) 出院, 免试,释放 overcharge (verb) 对。。 要价(收费)过高 view :preview (noun)预览,(verb)预览 overview (noun)综述 qualify : disqualify (verb) 取消...的资格 , prequalify (verb) 预先具有资格 order : disorder (noun) 混乱 (verb) 使失 调 , preorder (noun) 前序 (verb) 预定 over-order :(贸易)过剩订货 dis , non, un , zip : unzip(verb) / honest : dishonest(adjective) / fat : nonfat (adjective ) / agree : disagree (verb ) / ripe :unripe (adjective) / pleasant : unpleasant (adjective)/ stop : nonstop (verb) / respect :disrespect (noun)/ fair : unfair (adjective ) / obey : disobey (verb) 1. Haley knew it was dishonest to copy her sister's homework . 2. Luck could not unzip his jacket . 3. Claire ate some nonfat yogurt before going for a run.4. Gloria did not tolerate disrespect from anyone. 5. Phil worked nonstop on his project . 6. Cameron and Mitchell disagree about everything . 7. Jay had an unpleasant time at the party . 8. Manny would never disobey his mother . 9. Lily ate the banana even though it was still unripe . 10 . Alex felt her teacher was being unfair .

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5.5.1. Making Adjectives with Suffixes : part 1 When you ad certain suffixes to nouns and verbs , you can create adjectives , You may have to change , drop , or add litters before adding the suffix to some words . (noun/ verb ) : angel : - ic , angelic , demonstrate : -ive , demonstrative , miracle : -ous , miraculous (不可思议的) Directions : Add one of the four suffixes above to each word to create an adjective . write new word on the line . 1. create : creative , 2. construct(施工人员) : constructive (建设性的) 3. base : basic 4. impress(verb) :impressive (感人的, 令人敬仰的) 5. industry (noun) 产业,工业, 勤勉, industrious (勤勉的)6. moment: momentous ( 重要的, 重大的) 7. atom ( 原子) : atomic(原子的,微粒子的) 8. graph: graphic( 形象的)9.fame : (noun,, verb ) , famous 10. ridicule : ridiculous (可笑的, 滑稽的) ,11, act : active , 12. react :reactive (反应的,反动的) 13. class :classic 14. monster :monstrous 15. enthusiast (爱好者): enthusiastic (热心的, 热情的) 16. disaster : disastrous ( 灾难性的, 悲伤的,损失惨重的)

5.5.2. Making Adjective with Suffixes :part 2 When you add certain suffixes to nouns and verbs , you can create adjectives. You may have to change ,drop , or add letters before adding the suffix to some words . noun/ verb : hope : hopeful / heart : heartless / desire : desirable / Japan : Japanese . Directions : Add one of the four suffixes above to each word to create an adjective . write the new word on the line . 1. mercy : merciless (残忍的,无慈悲心的) , merciful(宽容的, 仁慈的) , 2. wonder: wonderful , 3. sense : senseful (意味深远的) , senseless ( 愚蠢的) , 4. read : readable ( 可读的, 易读的), 5. siam : ( Tilan ) , siamese , 6. move : moveless , moveable , 7 . awe ( 敬畏, 惊叹) : aweless ( 不知畏惧的, 大胆的) , 8. child : childless . 9. consider : considerable ( 值得考虑的, 相当大的, 重要的) 10.count :countless (数不尽的) ,countable ( 可数的), 11. master : masterful ( 有控制能力的)masterible 12. wish : wishful . 13. end : endless ( 无止境的) 14. bounty (慷慨的, 丰富的) : bountiful . 15 . great : grateful . 16. collar : colorful .

5.5.3. adding the suffix "ER" A suffix comes at the end of a word . When the suffix " er " is added to the end of a verb , it means one of the following . * Someone who does something , * something that does something , * someone who provides or is involved with something . -- To add the suffix -er : 1. Add -er to the word ( farm / farmer ) 2. drop the final - e and add -er ( bake / baker ) 3. If the word has one syllable or one vowel double the final consonant ( win/ winner ) 1. heat :heater . 2. help : helper . 3. bat : batter . 4. drink : dinner . 5. erase : eraser . 6. paint : painter . 7. train : trainer . 8. take : taker, 9. skate : skater 10 . sing : singer .11 . race : racer . 12. speak : speaker . 13 . quilt : quilter ( 缝被子的人) 14. call : caller

5.5.4. who Am I ? A suffix comes at the end of a word . when the suffix " er " is added to the end of a verb , it means one of the following . * someone who does something *something that does something * someone who provides or is involved with something . EXAMPLES : someone who bakes is a baker . someone who camps is camper . Directing : fill in the blanks . 1. someone who rides is a :rider . 2. someone who teaches is a : teacher 3. someone who practices law is a lawyer 4. someone who follows is a : follower 5. someone who leads is a : leader .6. someone who jokes is a : joker . 7. someone who writes is a : writer . 8. someone who listens is a : listener 9. someone who reads is a reader 10. someone who sits is a : siter 11. someone who walks is a walker .

5.5.5. creating New Words with suffixes 1. The suffix - full means full of . Jane is a cheerful girl . Jane is full of cheer . 2. The suffix -less means without. Kim is cheerless girl . Kim is without cheer . Directing : Ad. the correct suffix - full or - less to each word below to create a word that matches the meaning given . 1. care : without care - careless , 2. power : full of power -- powerful , 3. effort : without effort -- effortless 4. power : without power -- powerless 5. fear : full of fear -- fearful 6. grace : without grace -- graceless 7. taste without taste -- tasteless 8. hurt : full of hurt --hurtful

5.5.6. suffix Worksheet -able , - less - ful , Directions : Add the correct suffix to each word below to create a word that the meaning given . 1. bear : able to be borne -- bearable , 2. thought : without thought --thoughtless 3. hope : full of hope -- hopeful , 4. bend : able to bend -- bendable (可弯曲的) 5. remorse : (同情, 懊悔) full of remorse -- remorseful 6. heart : without heart -- heartless 7. home : without a home --homeless 8. peer : without peers -- peerless (出类拔萃 , 无与伦比的) 9. bliss: full of bliss -- blissful ( 使人幸福的)10. compare: able to be compares -- comparable (类似的) 11. care: full of care --careful

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5.6.1. Sequencers: How can I grow some flowers in north of china. To start with / we want to grow some flowers . For a start / we have some flower seeds from the fall's flower . Furthermore / go through a long winter for four months. At point , / the land will be warm and awake . That time suits us to bury some flowers seeds under the soil . First , / make the soil soft , Second ,/ dig out some soil , and make/dig a hill , Third , / bury/plant the flowers seeds in the hill . Then ,/ use the soil make the hill flat . To begin , / always watch the land and always water the place . In short , / always take care the land . Eventually ,/ will see a little grasses swing with the wind that will be a surprise . A final point , / always watch the grasses , put water and check insects are far away from the grasses . In the end , in summer we will see some flowers growing from the grasses like we want !



6.1.1. PART 1 Expressions Laughter is the best medicine. "to what Extent"(How much) "No reason why" "Further studies" "By myself" "Catch a glimpse" "Twist your ankle " "Drastic times need drastic action". "Drastic times cause for drastic measures." "In return". "The rest of". "I just want to know If... ..." "Thank you for the complimenting me". "What the difference between.....and .....?" "put money aside". "First impression". "Life is unfair". "A beautiful memory". "A childhood memory". "You voice breaking up" "repetition is the mother of skill" VOCABULARY Adjectives Verbs Nouns Proverbs The United Kingdom; The UK; Great Britain; Britain; The British Isles; England; Scotland, Wales; Northern Ireland) Cafe / coffee The tree is at the top of the hill/ The house is at the bottom of the hill. Frequency Always Usually Often Sometimes Idioms "Look out for number one " Problem words Pang(verb): painful emotion feeling; When my girlfriend broke up with me I had pangs in my heart. Painful inner body feeling: I was so hungry, I could hear my stomach panging. Principle(noun):Common values of right and wrong or good bad. He said to the teacher he would give him $10.000 to pass the exam, but the teacher said "no" The boy said "why"You can make more money than 5 months working! The teacher for me, the principle is more important than the money. I am of principle. My principles are important to me" Attract(verb), Attractive(adj) Attraction(noun) He is an attractive man, I am attracted to him. I have an attraction to him. (Passive): Many tourists are attracted to old trees.(Active): Old trees attract many tourists . Many tourist have an attraction to old tree/ Old trees are an attraction for many tourists. She is an attractive woman, he is an attractive man. Beijing is an attractive city. \Beijing attracts many tourists. Many tourists are attracted to Beijing. How can we attract more customers to our shop? The Forbidden City is a major tourists attraction in Beijing . The Great Wall of China is an major attraction. Concerned:"People around the world are concerned about the Corona Virus"(worried) "Greenland man:" It's not my concern"(I don't care). "Fan is a lovely woman/person." "Fan is a lovely individual." "I love traveling. I want to travel more." "I have an appetite for traveling." "I can eat lots of food." "I have a big appetite". " We need to eat fruit, vegetables and drink water for nourishment. "We need to give plants nourishment by giving them water or they will not grow." "The employees were concerned that they would lost their job because of the economy, but the reassure them that they will not loose the job." "Sometimes I feel studying English is very difficult, but I always persist." "I know it's difficult, but pleas do not give up! You must persist."(don't dive up) "I was very hungry and I saw a delicious cake, but I resisted eating it." "My friend wanted me to come to the party. I told her I didn't want to go, but she said I must go to the party! She insisted." "I invited you for dinner. It's my treat, so insist that I pay!"(force someone, don't accept a different answer). Sigh(verb): a loud, long breathing noise you make when you are stressed: He sighed ...UUUHHH! Conquer(verb): fight and win: the king conquered the small country. Announce(verb) tell many people something important: I want to announce I will stop smoking! Acquire(verb): get something over a long period of time: acquire a language; acquire wealth. Admire(verb): you really like, appreciate and respect someone/something. I admire Vincent Van Gough" I admire Vincent Van Gough's beautiful paintings. Crucial(adj): Extremely important: it is crucial to keep your bank details safe. Vein(adj): someone who thinks they are so good or beautiful" You are so vein , stop looking in the mirror. Dimensions:(height\ length\width\depth) reassured:"My sister was crying, so I reassured her that everything will be ok-don't worry!" grammar Adverbs of Frequency indefinites Passive Voice for all tenses Possessive adjectives In/To Relative clauses Active tense Verb +AS +Verb( two actions at the same time By means of ....(how something is done) Cause for...... Error Error If I didn't have a good sleep I would feel that everything isn't good. Is your phone camera broken? I came to the store, I wanted to repair. I am fidgeting because the mint is behind the computer. The room is too big. I thought my brother doesn't think like this. At the midnight I came back to my home. I wasn't a patient. The sat apartment was in the hospital. We had to live there. If I am a patient I need to stay in the hospital. What does mucus mean? If you stay in a place where the air is clean. I believe in pixies and fairies. Could you tall me what mermaid means? I don't know what a feminist is. I need to make a phone call to the bank. Don't worry about me. The online store is very good for me to use. You are not interested in anything. I have a lot of interests. Classic music. I love nature. Before I really like cooking but I haven't cooked in recent years/I haven't cooked recently. When I reviewed what I did I thought I was lucky. A lot of information . If I listened to her before I would be rich. A few man have mistress. When I first travelled to London. In two thousand and eight.(2008) I wasn't shocked. I had a lot of dresses. We talked about economics. I have had a hectic week. Three big projects. During this time./meanwhile. The week before last./2 weeks ago/a fortnight ago. Most of the time/ mostly. I need to say sorry to you. Were you annoyed about this? I don't know a lot about British culture. London is different to before. I didn't buy it. I got half my money back. Give me a sceond Why are you not scared about that problem. I don't have friends in WuHan I was cleaning my room and I was washing my clothes. Worse than a ghost. Some parents abandon their children. I am scared of someone. What' the different between frightened and scared? Yesterday the vocabulary was a bit difficult. Nine Am. Nine O'clock in the morning. I listened to music. Thinking about the future. When I was a child I always thought about the future. Why have I got anxiety? The doctor told me I was too tired , I just need to relax. When I was thirteen I left my family. I didn't have another friend in my life. I didn't tell my friends. They don't follow their obligation. I reviewed the story again and again. It's easy for me. Then I took a shower. When I finished running I took a shower. I don't want to be fat. I want to go outside every day. Did you find a housewife to help you? The boy wanted to find the secret to happiness. The wise man asked him to take a teaspoon and he walked around the wiseman's house. The wise man told him to see the house again. The master took many years to create it. You need to see the value in your life. You need to take care of your sheep. Some people don't think. When someone what to know their life....... I know what the problem is . I fought another way. He thought about what Melchezidek thought. He wanted to help other people achieve their destiny. The boy was sitting in a bar. HE saw different places and people. I haven't seen /read the Q'ran. When I was a child I wasn't happy I wasn't scared. When I was a child I just lived in South West China. Many people need someone to follow. I am different to my Grandparents I am also different to my parents. If Daniel Willam teaches me. I reviewed everything. Sorry I was listening to you! I went out- I just came back. May I answer the phone call? He felt very sad. I dreamt about you two days ago. You are not scary. In my life I have worked with many English teachers. You need to come here now. I always go there early. Why did you say he has a beautiful mind? One fifteen AM(1:15AM) I think I'm not a good writer. Are you interested in economics? What kind of speaking are you interested in? when I was young I really liked philosophy books.When I was young I liked philosophy books very much! I left my key in my room, and I was wearing pajamas.

6.1.2. PART 2 Nouns Pilgrim; Caravan Symbol Cobbler. Leather ; Coal Dimension; Curse. Blessing. Horizons. Trade Quality Quantity Head-cloth Sandals License Bundle(container) Awakening (to know the truth) Belongings Sack Sensation{ (sense) Verb} Enthusiasm{enthuse(Verb). enthusiastic(adjective)} Coincidence Purpose Certainty strength Will(will power). Supplier Warehouse Structure Sweat Duse Coral Journal Chemical Alchemy Alchemical Alchemist Philosopher Fortune Expedition Archaeology Oasis Metal Excitement Commitment Odour Baggage Khaba Dimension Verbs Mend Estimate. Embark/ disembark Complain Seduce Invite Inhale Behave Place Expand Ignore Force Make a living hire Seek-sought-sought Secure Ascend/Descend Withdraw-withdrew Awake-awaken Give a blessing. Accomplish{(accomplishment(noun) } Conquer Rob Transmit Convince Regard Stretch Unravel Purchase Contain Cancel Tolerate Greet Bound Adjectives Delicate; In charge Mute; Horrible Sacred; In front Distant ; Decent Deep ; Bankrupt Immense; Secure Awake; Startled Hardly;( hardly ever) Incessant (cease=stop) Tremendous; Fruitless Rate; Profound( great, big) Exceptional; Possessed Dusty ; Smell. Tolerable Messy; Tricky Reserved; Swiss Brazilian(Brazil) Expressions Give permission. Make a living Board a plane. Get on a bus. Embark a ship. Get in a taxi. Pick up Inhale/exhale(breathe in /breathe out) Prounciation Proverbs Estimate(guess): I estimate this building is 10 meters high. Decent(horrible-bad- ok- fine-decent- good-great) I live in a decent house. He is a decent man. I have a decent job. I make decent money. I'm not perfect, but I am a decent person. Ascend(verb)=go up(ascend the stairs; ascend the mountain) descend(verb) =go down (ascend the stairs, ascend the mountain) ' make a living'( make money for your life) Q: How do you make a living? A: I make a living teaching English. A: A cobbler makes a living mending shoes. 'In front'(in front-Behind) Now I am sitting at my table. My computer is in front of me and bed is behind me. Satisfy(verb) Satisfied(adjective) Satisfaction(noun) Seduce(verb) Seductive(adjectives )Seduction(nouns)SeducerNoun) (attract) Invite(verb) Invitation(noun) Dimensions(height/ length/ width/ depth) All I want to do is .....(only want to). Blessing(noun) Bless(verb) Blessed(adjective) Give a blessing- from God (p.v) Give someone your blessing(p.v) Grammar The truth/ reason/facts behind---------- Relative Clauses passive Voice for all tenses conscience active tense: passive tense: Relative clauses -- active tense -- passive tense - adjectives. Error The television turned on. Ahh sorry, I made a mistake. I am proud of you. I went to a farm. It was so helpful. I depend on the voice/audio. Daniel is in charge of the class. Many years ago I went there . I was born in south Wast China. Before some people dug the coal. Grammar 2 EXERCISE TWO EXERCISE ONE write a review of chapter 1 ( part 2 ) Story board homework 01/July Nouns Vrebs Adjective Error Coping techniques/ managing technique 27/July Nouns Verbs Adjectives Error Male and Female animals 29/July nouns verbs adjectives error 03/August verbs nouns adjectives error the paragraphs 11/August They were strange books. They spoke about mercury, salt, dragons, and kings, and he didn't understand any of it. But there was one idea that seemed to repeat itself throughout all the books: all things are the manifestation o one thing only. In one of the books he learned that the most important text in the literature of alchemy contained only a few lines, and had been inscribed on the surface of an emerald. "It's the Emerald Tablet," said the Englishman, around that he might teach something to the boy. "Well, then, why do we need all these books?" the boy asked. "So that we can understand those few lines, " the Englishman answered, without appearing really to believe what he had said. The book that most interested the boy told the stories of the famous alchemists. They were men who had dedicated their entire lives to the purification of metals in their laboratories; they believed that, I a metal were heated for many years, it would free itself of all its individual properties, and what was left would be the Soul of the world. This Soul of the World allowed them to understand anything the face of the earth, because it was the language with which all things communicated.They called that discovery the Master Work- it was part liquid and part solid. "Can't you just observe men and omens in order to understand the language?" the boy asked. "You have a mania for simplifying everything," answered the Englishman, irritated." Alchemy is a serious discipline. Every step has to be followed exactly as it was followed by the masters." The boy learned Thant the liquid part of the Master Work was called the Elixir of Life, and that it cured all illnesses; it also kept the alchemist from growing old. And the solid part was called the Philosopher's stone. "It's not easy to find the philosopher's Stone," said the Englishman. " The alchemists spent years in their laboratories, observing the fire that purified the metals, They spent to mach time close to the fire that gradually they gave up the vanities of the world. They discovered that purification of the metals had led to a purification of themselves." The boy thought about the crystal merchant. He had said that it was a good thing for the boy to clean the crystal pieces, so that he could free himself from negative thoughts. The boy was becoming more and more convinced that alchemy could be learned in one's daily life. "Also" said the Englishman, the philosopher's has a fascinating property. A small sliver of the stone can transform large quantities of metal into gold." Having heard that, the boy became even more interested in alchemy. He thought that, with some patience, he'd able to transform everything into gold. He read the lives of the various people who had succeeded in doing so: Helvetius, Elias, Fulcanlli, and Weber. They were fascinating stories: each of them lived out his destiny to the end. They traveled, spoke with men, performed miracles for the incredulous, and owned the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of life. But when the boy wanted to learn how to achieve the Master Work, he became completely lost. There were just drawings, coded instructions, and obscure texts. verbs: nouns: adjectives: nouns: 23/ August Expressions Pronunciation Focuse vocabulary the paragraph 26/ Aug vocabulary error

6.1.3. Feedback Atheist Non-believer Routine Tourism Phonemes Benefits Qualities Occasion Comedian Comedy Meditation Entertainment Leisure Neighbors , Cane Porridge Bed covers Sheets Subject Duty Department Personality Education Anything Nothing Everything Something Virus Saying Continent Myth Virus , Nightmare Life-long learner Fiction Noun Verbs Plant Weight Redecorate Grow up RePlace Meditate Sort(clothes) Reset Buy for Give to Have to Obey Adjectives Strict Bitter Floor to ceiling(windows), Scary Disciplined Committed Obedient Punctual Asverbs Nearly

6.1.4. Crosswords

6.1.5. focuses-Error 1.Give me a second. 2.Why are you not scared about the problem. 3.I don't have friends in Wuhan. 4. I was cleaning my room and I was washing my clothes. 5. Worse than ghost. 6. Some parents abandon their children. 7. What's the different between frightened and scared? 8.Yesterday the vocabulary was a bit difficult. 9.Nine AM/Nine O'clock in the morning. 10. I listened to music. 11.Thinking about the future. 12.Why have I got anxiety? 12.The doctor told me I was too tired, I just need to relax. 13. When I was thirteen I left my family. 14. I haven't made a big mistake in my life. 15. I didn't have another friend with me. 16. They don't follow their obligation. 17. I reviewed story again and again. 18. It's easy for me. 19. Then I took a shower. 20. When I finished the running I took a shower. 21. I don't want to be fat. 22. I want to go outside every day. 23.Do you find a housewife to help you. 24. The boy wanted to find the secret to happiness. 25. The wise man asked him to take a teaspoon and he walked around the wiseman's house. 26. The wiseman told him to see the house again. 27.The master took many years to create it. 28. You need to see the value in your life. 29.Some people don't think. 30. When someone wants to know their life... 31. I know that the problem is. 32. I fought another way. 33. He thought about Melchzidek thought. 34. He wanted to help the people achieve their destiny. 35. The boy was sitting in a bar. 36. He saw different places and people. 37. I haven't read/seen the Q'ran. 38. When I was a child I wasn't happy I wasn't scared. 39. When I was a child I just lived in South West China. 40. Many people need someone to follow. 41.I am different to my Grandparents I am also different to my parents. 42.If Daniel William teaches me. 43. I reviewed everything. 44.Sorry I was listening to you. 45. I went out -I just came back. 46.I dreamt about you two days ago. 47. You are not scary. 48. In my life I have worked with many English teachers. 49. You need to come here now! 50. I aways go there early. 51. Why did you say he has a beautiful mind ? 52. One fifteen AM. 53.I think I am not a good writer. 53. Are you interested in economics? 54. What kind of speaking are you interested in? 55. When I was young I really like to read philosophy books/ When I was young I liked philosophy books very much. 56. I left my key in my room. 57. I was wearing pajamas. 58. May I answer the phone call. 59. He felt very sad.

6.1.6. Vowel sound with words /ɔ:/ Dawn Slaughter Enormous. Blonde /aɪ/ Merchandise Pride desire. Provide wise /ʌ/ Dozen couple wander encrusted /eɪ/ Slave complain gaze sacred Capable Vein /æ/ Reality vanish fascinated narrow anxious /e/ Emerald expert desperate several /ɑ:/ Palm /ɒ/ Warrior /ɔɪ/ Avoid /u:/ Crucial /ɜ:/ merchandise

6.1.7. THE BOOK Paulo Coelho Part one Part two



7.1.1. Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Lessons 1( of happiness Vocabulary Grammar Reading Writing Functions Lessons (10.11.168) 2 Relationships Vocabulary Grammar Reading Writing Functions Expressions Pronunciation Error Listening Lessons 3(12.13.128)Making conversation Vocabulary Lessones 4(14) Vocabulary Focuses Listening Lessones Unit 5(Pager 15). A special person) Writing Vocabulary Expressions Error KEY PHRASES Foucses Unit 6

7.1.2. Pre-Intermediate Unit 2 Lesson 1 Feedback Recording GoToMeeting Transcripts vocabulary Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. Error Language Jobs expressions Lesson 2-- P21(15th July 2020) Feedback Recording Lesson 3 --P22,23(21st July 2020) Feedback Recording

7.1.3. Pre-intermediate Unit 3 Lesson 1(page-28,26,153,169) Listening: A trip to New York Vocabulary: free time activities error Lesson 2( page 29,133) Grammar: (1)Future going to. (2) Present continuous) Vocabulary error homework: with the Alchemist feedback 11/Aug verbs: nouns Expressions: Teacher's comments Lesson 3.2 (page 30, 31 ) 16/Aug vocabulary ( places to visit ) Indoors and outdoors the world spends it's free time Erroe Lesson 3.3 ( page 32 ,33 ) 19/ Aug Vocabulary :collocations Function : making a phone calls

7.2. IELTS COURSE (January 2021)



8.1.1. songs(Paradise. Starry Starry Night) Paradise(Cold Play) When she was just girl she expected the world but it flew away from her reach so she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of para-para-paradise para-para -paradise every time she closed her eyes when she was just a girl she expected the world but it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth life goes on, it gets so heavy the wheel breaks the butterfly every tear, a waterfall in the night, the stormy night. she'll close her eyes in the night, the stormy night away she'd fly and dream of para-para-paradise para-para-paradise para-para-paradise oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh she'd dream of para-para -paradise para-para-paradise oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh this could be para-para-paradise para-para-paradise this could be para-para-paradise 0h-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. this could be para-para-paradise oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh this could be para-para-paradise this could be para-para-paradise. Starry starry night(Don Mclean) Vincent Van Gough starry starry night paint your pallet blue and gray look out on a summer's day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul Shadows on the hills Sketch the trees and the daffodils. Catch the breeze and the winter chills In colors on the snowy linen land And now I understand what you tried to say to me How you suffered for your sanity How you tried to set them free They would not listen They did not know how Perhaps they'll listen now starry starry night Flaming flowers that brightly blaze swirling clouds of violet haze Reflect in Vincent's eyes of China blue And now I understand what you tried to say to me. How you suffered for your sanity How you tried to set them free Perhaps they'll listen now For they could not love you But still your love was true And when no hope was left in sight on that starry starry night You took your life as lovers often do But I could have told you Vincent This world was never meant For one as beautiful as you starry starry night Prameless heads on nameless walls With eyes that watch the world and can't forget Like the stranger that you're met The ragged men in ragged clothes The silver thorn of bloody rose Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow And now I think I know what you tied to say to me How you suffered for your sanity. How you tried to set them free They would not listen They 're not listening still Perhaps there never will Fly on ( Cold Play ) Flock of birds / Hovering above / Just a flock of birds / that's how you think of love / and I always look up to the sky / pea before the dawn / cause they lie away / sometimes they arrive /sometimes they gone / fly on / flock of birds / hovering above / into smoke I'm turned and rise , following them up / still I always look up to the sky / Peay before the dawn / cause they fly away / one minute they arrive / next you know they ' re gone / fly on / fly on / so fly on, ride through / maybe one day I 'll fly net to you / fly on, ride trough / maybe one day I can fly with you / fly on /fly on /fly on

8.1.2. Poem(Elevation) <Elevation>Above the ponds, above the valleys. Mountains, woods, clouds, and seas. Beyond the sun, beyond the heavens. Beyond the confines of starry spheres. My spirit you roam with agility. And, like a good swimmer bracing the waves. You soar happily into profound immensity. with exquisite mate delight. Fly, far away from these noxious surroundings ,And cleanse yourself in the pure air above.And drink, the clear fire that fills lucid spaces. As you would a pure and divine liqueur. Behind the nuisances, and the vast chagrins. Amassing with their weight our bewildered existence. Happy is he who can with a vigorous wing. Proper towards the luminous and serene realms. He whose thoughts, like larks. Free, in the morning take flight. Hover over life, and understand with ease. The language of flower and silent things!

8.1.3. Nouns Anglo Saxon. Elevation Elevator (lift). Sphere Prison Agility Surroundings Liqueur Corruption Helmet Bribery Authority Nuisance Chagrin Existence Mid-life. Crisis Propeller realm Lark Guru Enlightenment9end of pain, end of suffering), Suicide Crime Poetry Lyrics Angel Background singer. Holland(the Netherlands) Chill Sanity Insanity. Stranger Frame Portrait Daffodil Breeze Sanity Flame Haze.

8.1.4. Verbs Dye Elevate Confine Brace Soar Ban Bribe Abuse Amass Exist Propel Hover Chill Empire Burnout Compound Digress Interrupt.

8.1.5. Adjectives Ginger Confined Agile Profound Immense Exquisite Pure Divine National. Corrupt Nuisance Vast Bewildered Vigorous Luminous Enlightened Suicidal Vague Gorgeous Dutch Chilly Insane sane. Virgin Crushed Vigorous Luminous Serene Enlightened Suicidal Vague Gorgeous Angelic Dutch Chilly Insane/sane, Virgin Crushed Ragged Violet China blue Common Part-time/ full-time. Greedy Sarcastic(joking). Slapstick. Enthusiastic. Pure Corrupt


8.2.1. And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks , receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Luke 11:1-13

8.2.2. ISAIAH 9;6 For to us a child is born, To us a son is Given, And the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be Called wonderful counselor,Mighty God, everlasting father prince of peace.


9.1. errors

9.1.1. 1. you can se anything and a little people . you can see everything and a few people . 2. The views image are my favorite . Images of views are my favorite . 3. They are classmate . They were classmates . 4. It was my take . I took this . 5. It built in last year . It was built last year . ***6. A village near my home. A village near my home . 7.The place called " redwood park " The place is called " Redwood park "8. I think this article about... 9. A big company about film . A big film company . 10. you can choice one . you can choose one . 11. I have a lot questions and problems . I have a lot of questions and problems.

9.1.2. 1. I eat it yesterday . I ate it yesterday . 2. I need to do anything . I need to do everything . 3. I just mistake one . I just made a mistake with one . 4. we talk about collocations . we talked about collocations .5. 2016 year . in 2016. 6. I snorkeling . I went snorkeling .

9.1.3. 1. Almost know everything . I almost know everything . 2. I forget furnace . I forgot what furnace means . 3. what different essay and thesis . what is the difference between an essay and a thesis ?

9.1.4. 1. That briefcase is belong to Paula . that briefcase belongs to Paula . 2. Elsa is never understanding which are healthiest things to eat . Elsa never understands which are the healthiest things to eat . 3. I have been knowing how to drive since I was eight. I have known how to drive since I was eight . 4. water is freezing at zero centigrade . water freezes at zero degrees centigrade . 5. what do you do ? I read a book . what are you doing ? I am reading a book . 6. Beijing has larger number of high rise building than Dubai. Beijing has a large number of high rise buildings than Dubai .7. there was a gentle declined . there was a gentle decline. 8. there was a dramatic improved . there was a dramatic improvement .

9.1.5. 1.Three part . The third part . 2. I learned about flower and trees . I learned about flowers an trees . 3. l like stay home . I like staying at home . 4. such as cook . such as cook . 5. I grow it for then years . It have grown / been growing it for ten years . 6. It come from the floor . It comes from the floor . 7. My hometown in East West North in China. My hometown is in South West China . 8. That is nearly HuanHe river . That is near the HuanHe article . 9. I like growing up there because I had a garden . I liked growing up there because it had a garden . 10 . I think my classmate have different jobs . I think my classmates have different jobs . 11. when I was a child there had a big river . when I was a child there was a big river there . 12. children can came there catch fish in the summer night children can running in the river bank . Children can come there to catch fish in the summer nights . Children can run on the river bank . 13. I don't live there ( future ) because my parents live with me in Beijing now an also because my grandparents from different (shen she )

10. @2021 IELTS


10.1.1. 01. 03 Short answer Questions : ( who makes a Good Learner ?) Vocabularies : Who makes a good learner ? Mistakes : HOMEWORK : (1) Listen to the class recording FULLY and in detail . (2) RE- read the article again in detail . ( 3) Study the feedback from today's class . Short answers : 1. what is the purpose of the passage ? A. to give instructions. { step 1 , step 2 ...} . B. to give an opinion( NO fact , No dater , No numbles , NO research ) C. to give advice . (fact , date , numbles , research ) , / 2. who wrote the passage ? A. a student B a psychologist C. a teacher . / 3. (a) 1) E 2) C 3) A 1. 4) B 5) D , 1. Good language skills are important . 2. Study can sometimes be boring . 3. Good learners always have new questions . 4. Good learners think about their studies in their free time . 5 . Good learners realize there is a link between new and old knowledge . ( b) 1. What do good learners never stop trying to do ? ( WHAT , NEVER < Never oppose Always , discovery , ,-- Find out more ) 2. How do good learners feel about their chance of finding the answer to a study problem ? ( HOW ,FEEL ,CHANCE , FINDING , ANSWER -- confident ) 3. What makes doing boring learning tasks worthwhile ? ( WAHT ,MAKES , BORING , WORTHWHILE -- understanding the topic ) 4 . what do good learners modify as they learn more ? (MODIFY , LEARN , MORE -- knowledge structures ) 5 . who can good learners explain new knowledge to an appropriate way ? ( WHO , EXPLAIN , TO AN APPROPRIATE , -- other learners ) Advices : seeing the questions , key words and the questions words , In Article , the first sentence and the last sentence are impotent , and in detail see some KEY words . { Answers = 1,2, 3, words } / A. a person or people = 5 , B. an activity or a thing =1. 2. 3. C a feeling = 2 .




10.4.1. 01. 03 Are you an early bird or a night owl ? We asked 100 people , At what time of day do you feel most productive ? Most creative ? -- Infographic This bar chart shows what time of the day people feeling most productive ? what time of the day people feeling most creative ? , The dark blue shows the productive , the light blue shows the creative . firstly , 4% of people feel most productive and 11% of people feel most creative from at 8: 00 am to at 12 :00 am ; From 12 :00 pm to 6:00 pm , 59 % of people feel most productive and 61% of people feel most creative .( when do people feel least productive or least creative ? , strong example and other oppose example . At 6: 00pm, it gives that 61% people feel most creative the productive rises at the peaks ./ ( when are you most productive ? and least productive ? ) I am least productive form 6: 00pm to 9:00 pm. I am most productive between at 9:00 am to 3: 00 pm .



10.6. Grammars :

10.6.1. 10.01 Present simple : A USE : We use the present simple to talk about : Fouce : Present simple ouestions: 1. How do you travel to work or college ?I travel to work by subway or by foot . 2. How many people are there in your family ? There are six people in my family . 3. Where does your family live ? My family live in Beijing . 4. What do you like about your home town ?I like the trees and the land . 5. Is your house big or small ?I haven't got a house , I have an apartment . My apartment is small . 6 .Is there anything about your English course you don't like ? 7. Have you got / Do you have any hobbies ? Yes , I do . I have some hobbies . My hobbies are walking on the road playing tennis , hiking and doing yoga . 8. ARE you good at sport ? No! I 'm not ! If you have to do a lot of reading at university , you NEED different reading skills than those you use when you read for pleasure . One important thing to remember , Especially if you read in a second language , is that it DOESN'T MATTER if you don't understand everything and that it's not always necessary to read a text in great detail . The reading skill you use depends on your reason for reading . Skimming and scanning ARE both useful fast reading techniques , but they DON"T HAVE the same purpose . Skimming IS to get a general idea of a text , while scanning ALLOWS us to find specific information . Some texts NEED more carful reading to get a deeper understanding , perhaps by asking questions about the content and taking notes . Using different reading skills successfully TAKES practice , but is worth the effort . Vocabularies : Nouns : Verbs : Adjectives : Collocations : specific information , great detail. Expressions : Pronunciations: Errors : The same as this .( same this ) / When I was fa child ( when I was child ) / The past few months people have been staying at the mall . ( the past few moths people stay at the mall .) / The virus will be over / finished soon . ( the virus will closed soon . / Yes its clear . ( yes , its clearly ) / I'm writing down the mistakes . ( I'm write down the mistakes . ) I like the trees and the land . ( I like about the trees and the land . ) present simple short answers : Are you chines ? Yes I am . / Is your brother fat ? NO he isn't . / Do you like Italian food ? Yes I do . / Do you like sport ? no I don't . Have you got a brother ? Yes I have / do ./ have you got a house in France ? no I haven't / don't / has your brother got a house in Beijing ? no he hasn't / doesn't .

11. In 2021 <The Alchemist>

11.1. 07.01 The pages 37-39

11.1.1. Vocabularies Nouns Invader. certainty humanity verse witchdoctor insistence goat / goatskin manner An epiphany olives. salami. prosciutto Verbs Invade avert evoke encounter exert surge flee ( fled fled ) consent ( agree / accept ) insist light up ( lit lit ) cure converse shake ( shook shook ) Crave satisfy. Adjectives incredible saddened exhausted exultant probably/ likely graphic. satisfied(adjective ) -satisfy (verb) -- satisfaction ( noun) curious ( adjective ) curiosity ( noun) Addictive : An addictive activity or food is one that you cannot stop doing or eating once you have started . The problem with video games is that they are addictive . Expressions ' an old soul ' , ' type of person / kind of person / sort of person -- in order to , ' be saddened ( I was saddened to hear that he died ) Pronunciation Errors

11.2. 17.01. The pages 40-43

11.2.1. Homework The desert was full of men who earned their living based on the ease with which they could penetrate to the Soul of the World . They were known as seers , and they were held in fear by women and the elderly . Tribesmen were also wary of consulting them , because it would be impossible to be effective in battle if one knew that he was fated to die. The tribesmen preferred the taste of battle , and the thrill of not knowing what the outcome would be ; the future was already written by Allah , and what he had written was always for the good of man . So the tribesmen lived only for the present , because the present was full of surprise , and they had to be aware of many things : Where was the enemy's word ? Where was this horse ? What kind of blow should one deliver next in order to remain alive ? The camel driver was not a fighter , and he had consulted with seers . Many o them had been tight about what they said , while some had been wrong . Then , one day , the oldest seer he had ever sought out ( and the one most to be feared had asked why the camel driver was so interested in the future .

11.2.2. Vocabularies nouns Genie, vessel , battle , ravine ,envy , furnace , fuel , flask , phase , sulphur , failure , concept , possession , hacks , pattern , ownership , mirage , intensity , penetration Goulash , trolly verbs enable , indicate , lasts , convince , shape , envy , fuel , fail , urge , drift , grasp , make sense , dive , materialise , heed , occur , plunge , reveal , penetrate annoy , start , fry , stir fry , boil , bake , toast , steam , stew , barbecue , poach , roast , bake , adjectives transparent , bright , beneath , remote , hypnotized , distinct , fleeting , be annoying , be annoyed pronunciations ingredients , trolley , chooses , afford , serves , fries , vaccine , soldier .

11.2.3. Errors sometimes my mind fit clear and sometimes my mind is slow .

11.2.4. Grammar sentences The boy didn't say anything . The poor Englishman had traveled all this way , only to be that he should repeat what he had already done so many times .

11.2.5. difficult sentences He tried to deal with the concept o love as distort from possession ,and could separate them . whatever the thing observed , one could find a connection with this experience of the moment . Actually , it wasn't; that those things , in themselves , revealed anything at all ; it was just that people , looking at what was occurring around them , could find a means of penetration to the Soul of the world .

12. 2021Errors :

12.1. We are in the future. ( we are in future ) , it isn't cold today ( it does't cold today ) , I wake up 7: 54 . ( I woke up at 7: 54 ) , ( In china people say ... ) , In china, people said ... The early bird catches the worm ( the early bird have catched the worms ) , I have never seen an owl in real life . ( I have never see an owl staying at life , Have you been to the natural museum before ? ( did you go the natural museum before ? This is a bar chart ( this is bar chart ) I already see your computer now ( I have already see your computer now . ) dark blue ( deep blue ) , firstly ( in the first ) , at 6pm ( in the 6pm ) , I am least productive ( I least productive ) , At night my wifi is slower than early morning ( at night my wifi is slowly than early morning . I didn't get it now . I didn't got it now .

12.2. That was an Italian restaurant . ( that was a Italy restaurant ), it was my first time hear about that day .( that was my first time to hear that day ) Epiphany . were you born in 1986. ( 1986 year did you born ) I planned to become an early bird again .( I planned I would becoming back an earlier bird again . ) I think is the coldest winter in Beijing . ( I think this is the most cold winter in Beijing . ) a lot of clothes ( a lot clothes ) writers are creative . ( writers are creativity ) . I can hear your heart ( I can heard your heart . ) children have curiosity /children are curious . ( children are curiosity ) . the highest ( the higher ) . in their way of learning ( in them learning way .) The boy went to the oasis with the Englishman . ( the boy with the Englishman went to the oasis . ) They covered their faces . ( They covered them face . ) One day they were close to the oasis . ( One day they were close the oasis.) The boy was excited .( the boy was exciting .)

12.3. I thought he wasn't really crazy . ( I thought he didn't turn crazy .) They had some problem . ( They have some problem .) How many of his paintings have you seen ? (How many of he paintings do you see ?) its not common. ( it doesn't normal .) When you listen to it , it's like a movie . ( when you listen to it , you can see such as like a move . ) You need to take better care of yourself . / you need to take care of yourself more . ( You need care of yourself more .). I think the link has corona virus ! ( I think the link have corona virus ! Is it difficult to make a test ? ( it is difficult to make a test ? ) I am shocked . ( I shocked .) Most of the time . ( most of time ) . This morning I spent two hours to fix my ... ( This morning I used two hours to fix my ...) Better than before , I know what the problem is . ( more better than before . I know what problem . ) I am using the computer . ( I use the computer .) I walked outside and just came back . ( I walked out and just came back .) some companies will find it difficult to get money . ( some companies will be difficult to got money . ) I didn't know where I made a mistake . How can they the things they like and nourish their family. ( how can do them like things and nourishment them family . ) The year before last . / two years ago . Maybe he should make his company better . ( maybe he should making hi company better . I had the same problem when I was young . ( I had same problem when I was young . ) people are finding themselves their whole lives .( people is finding themselves their whole life . ) I haven't run for two weeks. ( I have two weeks I didn't run . ) I need to be careful . ( I need carefully .) Worse than this . ( batter than this . ) Too mach information ( too many information . ) I was shocked that Daniele could make the crossword for me . ( I shocked Daniele could make the crossword for me . ) I don't know what you said ( I didn't know what did you say .) One day I will eat with you . ( One day I will with you to eat . ) I just got back . ( I just get back . ) I talked with a person about something . ( I talk with a person about something . ) I have a chance to review our class before . ( I had a chance review our class before .) I like to buy books that I coupon;t read before . ( I like to buy books even I couldn't read it before . ) Lot's of vocabulary .( many vocabularies . ) Yes , I would like that . ( yes , I like .) Britain is your home country . ( British is your home .) What is the difference between rude and road . ( what different road and rude . )