It’s All About Who You Meet

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It’s All About Who You Meet by Mind Map: It’s All About Who You Meet

1. Introduction

1.1. Ask yourself:

1.1.1. How different would your life be if you met with your idols?

1.1.2. What if you were to hang out with them frequently?

1.1.3. What would your life be like if that was the case?

1.1.4. I’m sure you realize your life would be quite different, right?

1.2. We are too blind, fantasizing about idols that we don’t realize the incredible people around us.

2. Get Off Your Couch And Attend Events

2.1. In every major city, there are always events you can go to meet new people.

2.2. Sometimes it will be a waste of time, but sometimes you’ll hit jackpot and make a strong connection.

3. Recognize All The Greatness Around You

3.1. How often do you inquire about other people?

3.2. A lot of times you’ll realize people you’ve known for a while are actually quite amazing.

3.3. Take time to catch up, for real, with people you know.

3.4. Most people will not tell you their stories unless you ask them. Dare ask deep questions!

4. Don’t Listen To Mom, Talk To Strangers

4.1. You'll meet interesting people and make important connections

5. The World Isn’t So Scary, Go Out And Travel

5.1. The best thing about traveling is not the sights you see or the things you do, but the incredible people you meet.

5.2. When you travel, make it your missions statement to embrace the culture, meet the people, and be open-minded.

5.3. You’ll meet the most incredible people and come out happier and more grateful for it.