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Digital Marketing Strategy by Mind Map: Digital Marketing Strategy
5.0 stars - 48 reviews range from 0 to 5

Digital Marketing Strategy


Mobile Mkt

Mobile / Tablet Apps (Hearing Performance Test)


Hearing Tests Lead Generation

Hearing Heath Thematic Blog

Lead Generation Solutions

Social Mkt


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Search Interception (Google AdWords) > Leads

Display Advertising Banners (Networks) > Awareness

Rich Media Campaigns (Awareness )

Social Campaigns (FaceBook ads)

Web Site

MiniSom / AudioNova

Analytics & Report

Web Site and Social Media Metrics

Competitive Intelligence

Report Meetings, KPI analysis

Content Marketing




E-Mail Mkt

Database Management

Mail Shots management (anti-spam best practices)

Newsletters and Promotional E-Cards

Autoresponder (alerts to maintenance, batteries etc.)