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Browsers by Mind Map: Browsers

1. Firefox

1.1. Pro

1.1.1. It loads video the fastes

1.1.2. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux

1.2. Con

1.2.1. It is a memory hog

1.2.2. There are a small handful of badly designed websites that are Internet Explorer-only

2. Internet Explore

2.1. Pro

2.1.1. Many websites support Internet Explorer (But isn't very friendly for developers)

2.1.2. only browser that works with Windows Updates (via web)

2.2. Con

2.2.1. Uses an above average amount of computer memory

2.2.2. Isn't very customizable

3. Chrome

3.1. Pro

3.1.1. efficient in memory utilization New node

3.1.2. It gives you more control over tabs

3.2. Con

3.2.1. Chrome gets tired easily

3.2.2. Hardly any add ons

4. Opera

4.1. Pro

4.1.1. tabbed browsing, sessions, "wand" password manager, pop-up blocking

4.1.2. Very simple

4.2. Con

4.2.1. VERY strict adherence to CSS/XHTML

4.2.2. has web developer tools extensions, but they are difficult to find

5. Safari

5.1. Pro

5.1.1. Simple

5.1.2. Uses memory efficiently

5.2. Con

5.2.1. Does not auto update

5.2.2. Cannot customize the look with skins or otherwise