Internal Stakeholders of a business

Why do you need to identify your Internal Stakeholders? Internal stakeholders are key to success, as Gary Heerkens points out: One thing that makes internal stakeholders particularly important is that the perceived success of your project [business/strategy/department] is often judged by the perceived satisfaction of internal stakeholders.Source: Internal Stakeholders | Who are Internal Stakeholders?

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Internal Stakeholders of a business by Mind Map: Internal Stakeholders of a business

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2. Marketing

3. Designers

4. Sales

5. Management

6. Experts

7. Assembly

8. Manufacturing

9. Purchasing

10. External Stakeholders

10.1. Other Stakeholder Maps

10.1.1. Stakeholder Identification

10.1.2. External Stakeholders mindmap

10.1.3. IT Project Stakeholder List

10.1.4. Stakeholder Analysis Template