"The views of the majority are always right." Do you agree?

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"The views of the majority are always right." Do you agree? by Mind Map: "The views of the majority are always right." Do you agree?

1. CLSPERMS, ICNG, PPF, 5W1H, vocabs

2. What is "right"?

2.1. Justified

2.2. Morals

2.3. Logical


4. People's beliefs and opinions are mostly temporary, it will change over time.

4.1. eg. PAST: In america, Caucasians form the majority, they felt they were superior compared to the other races (african americans, asian americans, eg.). was this right?

4.2. PRESENT: America believes in racial equality. (eg. Barack Obama as 1st black president)

4.3. FUTURE: Will america still continue with racial equality? (why the re-elections?) do they have faith in Obama to run the country?

5. Majority may not always be right.

5.1. If it's communism/dictatorship?

5.2. if it's presidential elections?

5.2.1. Presidential candidates may become corrupted when they have power.and may do the wrong things. President Suharto of Indonesia (1967-1998) embezzeled a total of US$15- $35 billion. he was re-elected every 5 years from 1973 to 1998. does this mean that that the majority of his supporters support him now?

5.3. If it's for the sake of oneself?

5.3.1. Majority of Singaporeans shared their disapproval of the GST increment from 5% to 7% through different mediums (on-line forums, newspapers, eg.) because they didn't want to pay extra for their goods & services, and also they didn't want the government the have the extra income for themselves. They didn't know that the increase in GST would help Singapore's economy be boosted in the long run.