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Twitter Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: Twitter Professional Learning Network

1. Mathematics Education

1.1. @IllustrateMath - Illustrative Mathematics

1.1.1. I chose to follow this user because I have used resources from them before and have found them very useful for digging deeper. Scrolling through their feed, I found links to interesting lessons as well as PD opportunities.

1.2. @NCTMResources - NCTM Resources

1.2.1. I chose to follow this user as it provides many resourses for math teachers. Additionally, the user shares resources from others that meet standards.

1.3. @NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

1.3.1. I chose to follow this user because it provides great resources for math educators. On their page, I see links to PD, links to journals and other publications, retweets of like-minded folks, and many other resourcfes.

1.4. @BedtimeMath - Bedtime Math -

1.4.1. I chose to follow this user because he advertises providing one math problem a day for "you and your kids." I thought this was interesting and when scrolling through his feed, I found problems I could use as warm ups as well as though of ways I could elaborate on the problems to make them fit for my age group.

1.5. @maanow - Mathematical Association of America

1.5.1. I chose to follow this user because it is a large community of mathematicians, students, teachers, and enthusiasts of mathematics. Additionally, as I scrolled through their page, I saw many interesting things I could use in my classroom.

1.6. @desmos - Desmos

1.6.1. I chose to follow this user because I use Desmose technology in my classroom. Following them will allow me to see ideas for use and what others are doing with the same technology.

2. Mathematics in the Real World

2.1. @MoMath1 - National Museum of Mathematics

2.1.1. I chose to follow this user and place it in this categoy because this user is a museum of mathematics, which is a real world celebration of mathematics. The user has interesting articles and resources which could also fall into the math education category, but they also have many instances of using math in real life and what that does for the world.

2.2. @politicalmath - PoliMath

2.2.1. I chose to include this user in this category because his profile has him discussing politics in terms of data (most times). I think it is interesting to see where other real people are using math in their everyday lives, and having a connection to politics is useful for discussion. I can see ways of bringing some of the topics mentioned into the classroom to facilitate learning.

2.3. @NBA_Math - NBA Math

2.3.1. I chose to follow this user because I have so many students who are into sports and understand sports math. This user uses NBA statistics and I felt like I can use the up-to-date events to further mathematical discussion in the classroom.

2.4. @bmacGTPM - Brian Macdonald

2.4.1. I chose to follow this user because he is the director of sports analytics at ESPN. This is another instance of real world application of mathematics in an area that so many of my students seem to be experts themselve: sports. I am not a sports person, so following sports in terms of math so I can connect it with my students appeals to me.

2.5. @NASASTEM - NASA STEM Engagement

2.5.1. I chose to follow this user because math is a big part of science and that is easier to see in terms of physical science. NASA is well known to students and their page NASA STEM Engagement is directly used for engaging students in science, technology, engineering, and math in real world ways.

3. Books/PD for Educators

3.1. @burgessdave - Dave Burgess author of Teach like a Pirate

3.1.1. I chose to follow this user because he is the author of a book I intend on reading for PD soon. I wanted to see his ideas and if he recommends other books from other users.

3.2. @teacher2teacher- Teacher 2 Teacher

3.2.1. I chose to follow this user because it seems like a good community for teacher to teacher discussion and exchange of resources. Currently, a lot of "no tolerance" tweets and resources are being pushed out, but if you look at earlier tweets, there were more discussion starter tweet aimed at sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources.

3.3. @scholasticteach- Scholastic Teachers

3.3.1. I am following this user because it promotes reading in every classroom. Specifically, I was hoping to see recommendations for teacher PD, but I instead am seeing a lot of books for student recommendations. This works well for me as well as I keep a little library for my kids in my classroom.

3.4. @johnantonetti - John Antonetti author of 17,000 Classroom Visits Can't be Wrong

3.4.1. I chose to follow this user because I saw him speak a year ago and he inspired me. He wrote a book I intend to read and he links pertinent information on his twitter account.

3.5. @EduMatchbooks - EduMatch Publishing

3.5.1. I follow this user because they share books, webinars, padcasts, and more specifically for educators. Additionally, they are very active when retweeting other recommendations for books and webinars.