External Stakeholders of a business

A mindmap of External Stakeholders. External Stakeholders are individuals or groups outside a business or project, but who can affect or be affected by the business or project. Arguably external stakeholders wield the most influence on the long term success of a business or project, because external stakeholders will often be the end users/customers.Source: External Stakeholders | Who are External Stakeholders? https://www.stakeholdermap.com/external-stakeholders.html

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External Stakeholders of a business by Mind Map: External Stakeholders of a business

1. Vendors

2. Consultants

3. Not for profit groups

4. Associations

5. Trade unions

6. Citizens action groups

7. Government regulators

8. Celebrities

9. Internal Stakeholders

9.1. Other Stakeholder Maps

9.1.1. Internal Stakeholders of a Business

9.1.2. Stakeholder Identification

9.1.3. IT Project Stakeholder List

9.1.4. Stakeholder Analysis Template

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