Presense By Amy Cuddy Summary Brian Johnson

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Presense By Amy Cuddy Summary Brian Johnson by Mind Map: Presense By Amy Cuddy Summary  Brian Johnson

1. 6 Presence Attuned + expressing your power.

1.1. Presence = “the state of being attuned to and able to comfortably express our true thoughts, feelings, values, and potential.”


1.2.1. “But if power reveals, then we can only know the truly powerful, because they are bold enough to show who they are without subterfuge and without apology. They have the courage and the confidence to open themselves to the gaze of others. In that way, the path to personal power is also the path to presence. It’s how we, and others, discover and set free who we truly are.”

2. 1 Self-Affirmation Theory Gosh darnit, you’re awesome!

2.1. 3 key Values

2.1.1. Imagine a time that you reflect this values

2.1.2. Reflect them on them every single day

2.2. 3 words that describe you at your best

2.3. Stress test

2.3.1. The ones who try to remember their core values achived more in stressed situation Less Cortisol


2.4.1. “The strongest predictors of [the entrepreneurs] who got the money [from venture capitalists] were these traits: confidence, comfort level, and passionate enthusiasm. Those who succeeded did not spend their precious moments in the spotlight worrying about how they were doing or what others thought of them.”

3. 7 Priming + Nudges To build your personal power.

3.1. Recall a moment when you felt personally powerful

3.2. Recall your greatest moments if you want to create more of them.


3.3.1. “That’s how it works. In each challenging situation, we nudge ourselves: we encourage ourselves to feel a little more courageous, to act a bit more boldly—to step outside the walls of our own fear, anxiety and powerlessness. To be a bit more present. And incrementally, over time, we end up where we want to be... even if we couldn’t have said where that was when we started.”

4. 2 Expand Your Body To expand your power.

4.1. Power Pose

4.1.1. Power pose

4.1.2. Power Pose V

4.2. Phisical poses are bidirectional

4.2.1. less cortisol

4.2.2. more testosteron

4.3. When you feel stressed or powerless expand your body.


4.4.1. “Taking control of your body language is not just about posing in a powerful way. It’s also about the fact that we pose in a powerless way much more often than we think—and we need to change that.”

4.4.2. “The way you carry yourself is a source of personal power—the kind of power that is the key to presence. It’s the key that allows you to unlock yourself—your abilities, your creativity, your courage, and even your generosity. It doesn’t give you skills or talents you don’t have; it helps you to share the ones you do have. It doesn’t make you smarter or better informed; it makes you more resilient and open. It doesn’t change who you are; it allows you to be who you are.”

4.4.3. It doesn’t change who you are; it allows you to be who you are.”

5. 3 iHunch How’s yours?

5.1. ihunch

5.1.1. ihunch

5.2. Your posture is dictating your power

5.3. ihunch decreases your level of power

6. 4 “I’m Excited!” You?

6.1. Allyson wood brooks

6.1.1. Video

6.2. Do not try to calm down

6.3. Turn Anger to be more exited

6.4. Use same energy level feeling

6.4.1. Photo


6.5.1. “The link between anxiety and self-absorption is bidirectional; they cause each other. In a review of more than two hundred studies, researchers concluded that the more self-focused we are, the more anxious—and also the more depressed and generally negative—we become.”

7. 5 Boldest Version of You Move like that. Today.

7.1. Fake it till you make it

7.2. Act it till you make it


7.3.1. “Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over circumstances.”

8. Author

8.1. Amy Cuddy

8.1.1. Amy Cuddy Ted Talk