Mind Mapping Presentation

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Mind Mapping Presentation by Mind Map: Mind Mapping Presentation

1. Building Mind Map?

1.1. Principles

1.1.1. Tony Buzan Start in the CENTER of a landscape page Use IMAGE for your central idea Use COLORS throughout CONNECT MAIN BRANCHES to the image Make your branches CURVED Use ONE KEY WORD PER LINE Use IMAGES throughout

1.1.2. Mind Map vs Concept Map

1.2. Uses

1.2.1. Brainstorming

1.2.2. Organization Thoughts overload Information overload

1.2.3. Decision making

1.2.4. Planning Presentation Meeting Project Trip Career

1.2.5. Presentation

1.2.6. Kids' homework

2. Options

2.1. Paper and pencil

2.2. Electronic

2.2.1. Offline Desktop PC Mac iPhone iPad Android

2.2.2. Online

3. Medical Mind Maps

3.1. New node

3.2. New node

3.3. New node

3.4. New node

4. Resources

4.1. Books

4.2. Websites

4.3. Workshops

4.3.1. Online

4.3.2. Live

5. Take home messages

5.1. Think outside the box

5.2. Be innovative

5.3. Problem solving

5.4. Decision making

5.5. Collaborate

5.6. Love what you do

5.7. Enjoy what you are doing