21st Century Teachers

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21st Century Teachers by Mind Map: 21st Century Teachers

1. The Role of the Teacher

1.1. Act as a classroom facilitator.

1.1.1. Establish a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment for all students. Foster cooperation among students within the classroom. Encourage students’ curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn.

2. What English Teachers Should Do?

2.1. Being reflective English Teacher, by recognizing her professional growth.

2.1.1. Developing Teachers' Competences, by having technical knowledge, utilizing appropriate approach and techniques in teaching, building positive rapport and cooperating with other teachers and establishing personal quality by maintain high ethical and moral standards by actualizing well organized, dependable and flexible characteristics. Beingliterate in ICT by integrating technologies and digital teaching strategies in her classroom. Promoting Alternative Assessment Rather than Traditional Assessment.

3. Skills the 21st Teacher Should Have

3.1. Be an Adaptor and adapt the curriculum, the teaching experiences, and models of teaching.

3.1.1. Be a Visionary and see the potential of the use of tools and web technologies in their class. Be a Collaborator and collaborate with technology tools and with students or other teachers in terms of sharing, contributing, adapting and inventing. Be a Risk taker, take risks and surrender to her student's knowledge.