4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Say

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4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Say by Mind Map: 4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Say

1. “I’m only in it for myself.”

1.1. Give without expecting anything in return.

1.2. Do that and you'll find a verve and enthusiasm that you didn’t know previously existed.

1.3. Begin to think about other people, put their needs first and model a key component of emotional intelligence: empathy.

1.4. Empathetic people are caring, great listeners and genuinely devote time to help other people grow.

1.5. Lead and live with a servant leader mindset.

2. “I’ll never be able to move on.”

2.1. Never let temporary defeat or hardship stop you

2.2. Allow yourself the ability to adapt and change if it’s in your best interest to do so.

2.3. Be ready to make changes on the fly.

3. “I’m so unmotivated to do this.”

3.1. Leave nothing to chance. Always give 100%.

3.2. There are two things you can always control- your attitude and your effort.

3.3. Achievement is well within your grasp if you have a positive, determined attitude and you’re willing to work harder than anyone else.

3.4. You may not always love everything you do. Regardless, bring your best effort and attitude to everything that you do.

3.5. The feeling, the emotional reward that comes with doing so is a brilliant sense of satisfaction to savor.

4. “I don’t know what I’m passionate about.”

4.1. Demonstrate your passionate value in service to another person

4.2. Know your passion and use it to learn, grow and improve the way you live your life

4.3. Listen to your heart and understand the emotions that make you feel alive