Connexion Media Studios

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Connexion Media Studios by Mind Map: Connexion Media Studios

1. External Hardware

1.1. MIDI Controler

1.2. Korg - Synth

1.3. Professional Mic with 'pop guard'

1.4. Analog Compression Effect Racks

1.5. Drum Pads

2. Amazon Cloud Server

2.1. FlexPay

2.2. S3

2.3. CloudFront

2.4. EC2

2.4.1. AMI's Red5 Live Streaming KalturaCE

2.5. Services

2.5.1. WOWZA 3 Live Streaming Flash Live Streaming Server

3. Computers For Media Production

3.1. IMac

3.1.1. Invoicing System

3.1.2. Billing System

3.1.3. Security System Controler

3.2. Media Server's

3.2.1. Rack Server ViewCast 1U StreamBox

3.2.2. Rack System Just a small rack

4. Security System

4.1. New Media Solutions

4.1.1. StreamBox

4.1.2. UStream Studio

4.1.3. ViewCast Component

4.2. Massive Amounts Of Recording Cameras

4.2.1. Camera At Front Door

4.3. Remote Accessible Cameras

4.4. Alarm

4.4.1. Motion Sensative

4.4.2. Spare No Expense Heat Sensative Connected to Power Generator or External Power Sound Sensative

4.5. Door that must be 'buzzed' to allow Intrance

4.5.1. Access to Open Door RFID Biometric Key Card

4.5.2. (not key operated or logging access)

4.5.3. Any Combination

5. Studio 'Building' (store front)

5.1. Artwork

5.1.1. Steve Kaufman Original Art Version of 'Money'

5.1.2. RINGO Original Art Prorate of Salvador Dali Marilyn Monroe

5.1.3. Dali Original Art Anything I can afford that Works with the rest..

5.1.4. Picasso Original Poor Robbie

5.1.5. Kaufman & RINGO COLLABORATIVE WORK Picture with Andy Warhol

5.1.6. MCEscher My Collection Of Exhibition Fliers Japan SanFrancisco Misc Un-Original Prints The Smoking Ad

5.2. Studio 'room'

5.2.1. Sound Proof Materials to line walls

5.2.2. Amazing Sound System

5.2.3. Multiple Pair of Headphones

5.2.4. Mixer / Controler Requirements ProLogic Compatable Reason Compatable Abington Live Compatable Music Studio Hardware iLive - 112 Controler iLive - 88 Controler DLB-80 | Allen&Heath Comtroler Euphonix Avid - System 5 - MD

5.2.5. IMac with Best Soundcard Logic Pro Reason AbingtonLive MainStage GarageBand

5.2.6. Video Controler

5.3. Furniture an Decor

5.3.1. Skype TV Skype Camera Skype Conference 'Flat' Phone for Table

5.3.2. Eames Black Chairs At least 4 for table For Meeting Room

5.3.3. Tables: For Main Area For Office Meeting Room

5.4. Communication

5.4.1. Skype - Video Phones

5.4.2. Collaboration Service

5.4.3. Live Streaming Solution ViewCast Streaming Card StreamBox Live