Multifunctional Living

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Multifunctional Living by Mind Map: Multifunctional Living

1. Multiple uses

1.1. Out of the box thinking

1.2. A single item would need to have several uses

1.2.1. Storage

2. Modern

2.1. Stylish

3. A product does several different things or several different uses

3.1. Different products combined together

4. Coordinated Colours

5. Multifunctional Furniture

5.1. Wall Beds

5.2. Transforming Tables

5.3. Innovative storage solutions

5.3.1. Helpful

5.4. compact seating

5.5. Furniture that can be moved or be consolidated

5.6. Unusual Shapes?

5.7. Kitchen

6. Some objects fit inside each other

6.1. Space reducing

7. Clothing?