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Mainframe Career Roadmap by Mind Map: Mainframe Career Roadmap
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Mainframe Career Roadmap



Junior Developer/Tester, Technical path, Senior Developer/Tester, Technical Lead/Subject Matter Expert, IT Dept Director, CIO, Application System Architect, Retire..., Application Support, Application DBA, Senior DBA, IT Dept Director, CIO, Information System Architect, Retire..., Junior/Associate Application Architect (B7), Advisory Application Architect (B8), Senior Application Architect (B9), Executive Architect, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Fellow, Retire..., Management path, Team Lead, Project Manager, Account/Deliver Manager (B7/8), Sector/Industry Manager (B8/9), Site Manager (B10), Partner, Retire..., Business path, Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, ???


System path

Admin, Security Admin, IT Security/Audit Manager, IT Dept Director

Support, Software, IBM, STG, Software Lab, Developer/Tester (B6/7), Development/Testing Lead/Manager (B8), Lab Manager (B9), Retire..., Software Support, Level 2/3 Support, Support Lead/Manager (B7/8), Software Manager (B9), Region CTO (B10), Retire..., GTS, Field Support - SE (B6/7), Field Support - Account Manger (B8), Retire..., SWG, GBS(GDC), Outsource/Internal System Admin, Outsource/Internal System Support, Advisory ITS (B7), Senior ITS (B8), Retire..., Client, System Programmer(Junior), System Programmer(Senior), System Lead/Manager, IT Dept Director, CIO, Retire..., System DBA, Hardware, IBM, Customer Engineer, Retire...

Sales, Software, Pre-sale, Technical Sales Support, Account Manager, Sale Manager, Region/BU Manager, Retire..., Post-sale, Senior Consultant, Retire..., Hardware

Operation path

Operator, Operation Lead, Operation Manager, System Manager, IT Dept Director, Retire...

Job Scheduler

Report management

Facility management