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Holaspirit by Mind Map: Holaspirit

1. Roles

1.1. Most people fill multiple roles

1.2. Specific task level processes that can be developed for others to move in and out of

1.3. Domains

1.3.1. What does the role own

1.4. Policies

1.4.1. How do other roles engage with this role

1.5. Accountabilities

1.5.1. What can the organization count on relative to the roles purpose

2. Messages

2.1. Without Transparency organizations default to top down

2.1.1. Who does what?

2.1.2. Not always go to the top of the org to be handed down.

2.2. Transparency

2.2.1. All members to contribute from wherever they are

2.3. Circles

2.3.1. Group of Roles and circles relating to a project or theme

2.4. Governance

2.4.1. Creating the roles, circles, restructuring of circles etc...

2.5. Tactical

2.5.1. Most of our meetings at eXp are Tactical

3. References

3.1. STARTER KIT Holaspirit MASTER ENG.pdf

3.2. Loom | Send a video. Not a thousand words.

4. Orgs



5. eXp Values

5.1. Community

5.2. Service

5.3. Sustainability

5.4. Collaboration

5.5. Agile

5.6. Transparency

5.7. Innovation

5.8. Integrity

5.9. Fun