Irish Immigrants

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Irish Immigrants by Mind Map: Irish Immigrants

1. Emerald Isle

1.1. The People

1.1.1. The people got sick and could not work the potatoes were contaminated and made them sick

1.2. The Land/ Weather

1.2.1. The weather is cold and wet and windy.

1.3. The Resources

1.3.1. The Irish grew potatoes and ate alot of them.

1.4. The Economy

1.4.1. Ireland was very poor

1.5. The Conditions

1.5.1. The weather made the starvation and the disease worse.

2. Notes

2.1. 1.They originated in Ireland.

2.2. 2.They came to America because they were poor and wanted a new start.

2.3. 3. They got to America by ship.

2.4. 4. They were received at Ellis Island.

2.5. 5. My ancestors settled in Idaho and Nebraska.

2.6. 6. They were potato farmers in Idaho and fishermen in Nebraska.

2.7. 7. The contributions were, they fought in WWII and made tanks in the factories.

2.8. 8. More info I found is that a few of my great grandfather's brothers played Minor league Baseball. They where Irish.

3. Ellis Island

3.1. The Conditions

3.1.1. Ellis Island was a small island made for the immigrants.

3.2. The Disease

3.2.1. the disease was bad, it was carried over from Ireland and the amount of people made it worse. There were people from other countries too.

3.3. The Amount of People

3.3.1. There were a lot of people think 500,000 in one building.

4. Bibliography