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Music Game Clip (MGC) by Mind Map: Music Game Clip (MGC)
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Music Game Clip (MGC)


Music Videos

Rise of the directors, David Fincher, Lasse Hallström, F. Gary Gray

Music videos go mainstream, MTV, Much Music

Music video game

Guitar Hero

Rock Band


Space Channel 5

Touch-Screen portable devices



Palm Pre

Android G1

BlackBerry Storm

Why would it work?

Music industry search new market!

It would be a marketing tool

Fix % on all sales

Indie games devs want to live from their arts!

Preserve their indie soul

Get paid to produce crazy stuff

Work directly with their music adols

Music fans want to experience their favorites songs in all new ways!

Who need to be involve

Major Music Labels

Get the licenses

Work directly with the artists

Plan common marketing initiatives

Indie Games Developpers

recruits the most talented and innovative ones

Apps Store

Create a new selling channel

What it is?

It's interactive

It's produce base on an artist song

like a music video

It's played on a touch-screen device

It costs 3$ to 5$

It can or can't be goal driven