The 5 Things I Am Most Afraid Of

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The 5 Things I Am Most Afraid Of by Mind Map: The 5 Things I Am Most Afraid Of

1. Losing My Sobriety

1.1. Addiction is kind of like the sea — it’s big, powerful, and could kill you.

1.2. Still, you shouldn’t “fear” it, but you better damn well respect it.

1.3. When you live with an addiction, it’s like there’s this other person living inside your head, always trying to get their way.

1.4. Be disciplined and stick to your routine

2. Being Bored

2.1. Being bored is scary because you get stuck in your head, and it’s not always pleasant up there.

2.2. Helping other people helps

3. Losing Everything — My Family, My Business, Myself

3.1. Don’t dwell on the fear

3.2. What is helpful is recognizing it’s there, accepting it, and moving on.

3.3. The voice in your head is usually just a form of self-protection that’s gone too far.

3.3.1. Your mind and body want to protect you from bad things.

3.4. Bad things are fuel, and you need fuel to get where you want to go. In the end, most of those bad things aren’t even that bad.

3.5. Have a mental conversation with the voice in your head. Let them vent about everything they are scared of and angry about.

3.6. Come to a mutual understanding. Thank them for watching out for you, but explain that sometimes, life is dangerous and risky, and you might lose big.

3.7. The voice will relax knowing that you know to be careful

4. Hurting Those I Love

4.1. Thoughtless, careless actions can hurt someone else really deeply.

4.2. Be careful with what you say/don’t say, and do/don’t do.

4.3. If you make a mistake, always ask yourself: “What can I learn from this?”

5. Cockroaches