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04 Thriving On Mission by Mind Map: 04 Thriving On Mission
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04 Thriving On Mission

Springing off of Acts 1:6-8 with some other verses.

How to live life on mission...

Live inclusively.

Jerusalem... If I'm going to reach people living life right around me - those in relationship with me and those in my sphere of influence - I need to open my life to others and join the conversation happening around me.

Live outwardly.

Judea... I also have to see beyond my own little world - to Judea, the region, the community, and the nation around me.

Live cross-culturally.

Samaria... I need to embrace those of difference ethnicities, economic status', lifestyles, religions, and cultures.

Live globally.

The uttermost... I need to think beyond the boundaries of what I've considered normal or possible, to the nations, the people groups scattered around the world.

Why the mission struggles...

It's NOT because of a lack of desire.

I hear this a lot from Pastors. "If you just cared about lost people, you'd share the gospel more..." I don't think that's the problem. In fact, I can share from years of experience that I often ache over the feeling that I'm not connecting with lost people, that I'm not sharing the gospel boldly enough, or that I've missed opportunities. It isn't about a lack of desire. It's about a lack of understanding.

It's because we fail to UNDERSTAND...

It's because we lack the POWER of God.

We are spiritually anemic because we've lived in disobedience to God's standards as well as with an insensitivity to His presence and His power.

God has a big mission for you!!

We will come back to Acts 20 to dig a little deeper in our Grace Group time, but there is a verse we all need to hear. If I'm a believer in Christ, my #1 priority is already set for me. It isn't optional. It is... "But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus -- the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God."     - Acts 20:24 NLT