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Forces by Mind Map: Forces

1. Measuring force

1.1. Measure using Newton(N)

1.1.1. Named after Sir Issac Newton who did lots of work on force and set out the three laws of motion

1.2. uses compression spring balance and extension spring balance to measure force

2. Type of forces

2.1. Gravitational Force

2.1.1. is the force that pulls objects towards the earth

2.2. Magnetic Force

2.2.1. is the force that attracts a magnetic object to a magnet

2.3. Frictional Force

2.3.1. is the force that opposes friction

3. Pressure

3.1. measuring pressure

3.1.1. pascal or N/square metre

3.2. Calculating pressure

3.2.1. Pressure=force/area Higher force = higher pressure Larger area = lower pressure