Force And Pressure

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Force And Pressure by Mind Map: Force And Pressure

1. A Force Can

1.1. Change the direction of an object

1.2. Change the shape of an object

1.2.1. Plasticine

1.3. Speed up a moving object

1.4. Slow down a moving object

1.5. Start a stationary object

1.6. Stop a moving object

2. Examples of Force

2.1. Frictional force

2.1.1. Advantages of frictional force friction between our hands and an object helps us to hold it. friction between two stones/wood can create a fire friction between the brakes and the wheels helps to slow down the bicycle.

2.1.2. Disadvantages of frictional force Causes wear and tear Tyres Soles of a shoe Slows does the speed of animals/objects in the water and in the air

2.1.3. What is friction? Friction Opposes motion Friction slows down the speed of a moving object or stops it. Friction happens whenever two moving surfaces are in contact Friction Produces heat

2.2. Gravitational Force

2.2.1. What is gravitational force? Gravitational force pulls all objects towards the Earth. The weight of an object depends on the force of gravity pulling on the object. The greater the force of gravity pulling on an object, the heavier the weight of an object.

2.3. Magnetic Force

2.3.1. What is magnetic force The force which a magnet exerts to attract a magnetic object is called a magnetic force. Like poles of a magnet repel while unlike poles of a magnet attract

3. What is a force?

3.1. A force is a push or a pull

3.2. The Sl unit of force is Newton(N)

4. Pressure

4.1. Pressure is the physical force exerted on or against an object by something which is in contact with it.

4.2. Factors affecting Pressure

4.2.1. Area The larger the area,the lower the pressure

4.2.2. Force When more force is exerted,the higher the pressure

5. How to calculate pressure

5.1. Pressure = Force/Area

5.2. The Sl unit of pressure is Pascal(P)