Learn GRE math concepts with Khan Academy for free!

Vince Kotchian's Complete GRE Math Concept and Formula List with links to Khan Academy for learning and practice.

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Learn GRE math concepts with Khan Academy for free! by Mind Map: Learn GRE math concepts with Khan Academy for free!

1. Arithmetic

1.1. Basic math operations

1.2. Fractions

1.3. Factors, Multiples, and Primes

1.4. Decimals

1.5. Exponents and Roots

1.6. Number Properties

1.7. Ratios, proportions, and percents

1.8. Percent Change

2. Geometry

2.1. Lines

2.2. Angles

2.3. Polygons

2.4. Area and Perimeter

2.5. Triangles (skip theorems, bisectors, medians, and centroids)

2.6. Similar Triangles

2.7. Congruent Triangles

2.8. Pythagorean Theorem (skip proofs)

2.9. Quadrilaterals (skip proofs)

2.10. Circles (skip proofs and radians)

2.11. 3-D Shapes (skip cones, pyramids, and spheres)

3. Algebra

3.1. Algebraic Expressions

3.2. One-Variable Equations

3.3. Systems of Equations

3.4. Quadratic Equations

3.5. One-Variable Inequalities

3.6. Two-Variable Inequalities

3.7. Functions (skip avg. rate of change)

3.8. New Operator Definitions

3.9. Coordinate Geometry

3.10. Sequences (arithmetic only)

4. Data Analysis

4.1. Graph Basics

4.2. Mean, Median, and Mode

4.3. Range and Standard Deviation (skip variance and calculating SD)

4.4. Sets Basics

4.5. Venn Diagrams (skip frequency tables)

4.6. Counting Foundations

4.7. Permutations

4.8. Combinations

4.9. Probability

4.10. Normal Distribution