Digital Tools

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Digital Tools by Mind Map: Digital Tools

1. Tools

1.1. Kahoot- A Quiz game where teachers can test kids

1.2. Quizz- where teachers can make quizzes and give it to their kids

1.3. Quizlet- where teachers can make quizzes and they come out in a flashcard format

1.4. EdPuzzel- where teacher can make video quizzes for their students

1.5. Pear Deck- is a website where teachers can make slides for their kids to go over or give a verbal quiz

2. Tools

2.1. Ibrainstorm- is a website where kids can talk to each other about a project

2.2. Naiku- is a website where teachers can create quizzes for their kids

2.3. Miro- is a site that teachers can invites student that collaborate together over a lesson.

2.4. Random Name/ Word Picker- is a website a teacher can create a spell listen and have the kids match word to definitions

2.5. More Tools

2.5.1. Spiral- is a website to get fast feed back about formative assessment

2.5.2. Word Art- is a website that have pictures of word that the kids or teacher can create

2.5.3. ZoHo Survey- is a website where teachers can make a survey to see what their students can take and get feed back from.

2.5.4. Answer Pad- Allow teachers to take data from the kids getting on the internet

2.5.5. Auto Note- is a website where the teacher can record themselves and the students can take notes on the recording

2.5.6. Flip Grid- is a Website that lets kids record themselves to talking about a lesson or project.

3. Tools

3.1. Lesson Up- is a website where teachers can create all different kinds of lessons for their students

3.2. Class Go- is a mobile app that allows kids to learn on the go.

3.3. Class kick- is a websites that allows teachers to have 1 on 1 teaching lessons or quiz with a student

3.4. Plickers- this website is for teacher to get fast assessment on what kids know about technology

3.5. Gimkit Live- is a group game where they can learn their lesson and take quizzes together while the teacher is watching.