English Tenses

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English Tenses by Mind Map: English  Tenses

1. Future

1.1. WILL

1.1.1. Spontaneous decision - I have not decided. I think I will visit my parents - I think, I'll take a coffee - I don't think, I'll buy new car this year - Hmm, I think I will become a teacher!

1.1.2. Prediction (without evidences) - I think/ believe/ doubt/ I expect/ hope - I am sure he will get the job - I believe she will get a hight point for this exam - probably/ maybe/ certainly/ perhaps - I'm sure/ I'm certain/ There is no doubt/ I'm afraid...

1.1.3. Repeated actions in future - In autumn I will go to school every day.

1.1.4. Promises, threats, Warning - I will always be with you - Don’t move or I’ll hit you! - - Don’t touch the kettle! You’ll burn yourself!

1.1.5. Request - Will you help me?

1.1.6. Inevitable actions (факты в будущем, нельзя повлиять) -


1.2.1. Plans - I'm going to visit my mother next month - I'm going to meet my friends this weekend - We're going to get married - We're going to move to new house this year

1.2.2. Predictions (with evidences) - It is going to rain - This phone is going to be more expensive in the autumn because...

1.2.3. Orders - You are not going to wear this dress!

1.2.4. Refus (отказ) - I am not going to do your work!


2.1. Present Continuous (Progresive)

2.1.1. Using Here and now - He’s playing the piano now - I'am drinking coffee now - I’m working and my daughter is cooking - I'm learning English now - She's reading a book - It's raining - They aren't drinking tea - We aren't writing a letters Around now (происходит в какой-то период - сегодня, на неделе, в этом месяце, в этом году, в отличии от обычного) - He’s preparing for her next week exam - She is looking for a job these days - She isn't preparing to her exam today - We are making repairs this month - He's repairing his car today Arrangements (100%) - She’s moving the new flat next week - Alex and I are going to the cinema tonight - I'm visiting my doctor tomorrow - Tom and Mary are going shopping yesterday in the morning - I'm meeting my friend on Friday Сhanges and Trends (актуально) - This children are growing so fast - The weather is changing so unexpectedly these days - The summer is ending so fast - Sales are declining during the quarantine - Healthy food is becoming more popular Negative, express criticism (for ALWAYS/Constantle/Forever/All the time) - You’re always interrupting me when I’m trying to tell this story - He’s constantly losing our keys - You're always forgetting about his birthday - She's always leaving the dirty plates in the sink Describing pictures - In the pictures I am sitting on the bench - In the picture you are looking so happy - In the picture green color is dominating

2.1.2. Formulas + positive I + am + V-ing +... He, she, it + is + V-ing +... They, we, you + are + V-ing +... - negative S + Am (Is, Are) + NOT + Ving +... I am not --- I'm not They are not --- They aren't She is not --- She isn't ? questions - Am + I + Ving +... - Are + You (We, They) + Ving +... - Is + He (She, It) + Ving +... QW + (Am, Is, Are) + S + Ving +...

2.1.3. Contraction (BE) I am --- I'm He (She, It) --- He's You are --- You're We are --- We're They are --- They're

2.1.4. Markers now, right now, still, currently (сейчас) at the moment, at present (в настоящее время), this morning, this afternoon, this evening, this week today, tonight, these days (на днях), nowadays (в наши дни)

2.2. Present Simple

2.2.1. Using 1. General Statements, Permanent Actions - I prefer coffee - He likes to be in the focus of attention - Kiev is the capital of Ukraine - I believe that sport helps to be healthy - She doesn't drink coffee in the morning - They like to wake up early - I don't like hot weather 2. Generally True - Snow consists of water - The Earth revolves go around the Sun - At what temperature does water freeze? - Water boils at 100 degrees C - One day consists of 24 hours - Black things don't reflect light - White surface heats up slower than black 3. Regular Actions - I wake up at 7 a.m. - She runs 5 km every day - She doesn't drink 2L water every day - When does she usually come home? - My husband wake up before 6 a.m. - I check my email twice s day 4. Schedule (future) - The bus leaves at 8 o'clock - Is the next train at 6 p.m. tomorrow? 7. State verbs - She feels sad - Do you see me? - She appears (seems) happy! 5. Instructions ("Ты берешь, ты делаешь", всегда Ты или Мы) / Recipe - You push the green button to turn on the TV - We push the red button to turn off the radio 6. Comments (sports reviews, news, repotrage) - Tom runs and outstrips his main contender 8. Heading (newspaper, book title, presentation title) - What happens when do quit eating sugar? - Tom Parker wins 2d gold medal! 9. Historical present начало в прошлом, переход в настоящее, погрузить в прошедшую ситуацию (описание исторических событий) 10. Придаточное предложение о будущем, условные предложения!!! - When I get home I'll check the information. - If I finish work early I'll go for a walk - When she comes back she'll give you a call

2.2.2. Markers always, often, usually, regullary, rarely, normally, sometimes from time to time, seldom,, never, every day, every week... at the weekend, on Mondays

2.2.3. Formulas + positive I, you, we, they + V + ... He, She, It + Vs + ... - negative Do not - don't, Does not - doesn't I (you, we, they) + don't + V He (she, it) + doesn't + V None, nobody, nothing (нет двойного отрицания!!!) ? questions Do + S + V + ...? Does + S + V +...?

2.2.4. to BE I --- am - I am ready - I am 40 years old He, She, It --- Is - He is handsome - She is funny - It is very good We, They, You --- Are - We are happy! - The are very smart

2.2.5. Adverbs of frequency 1. Never 2. Hardly ever 3. Rarely/Seldom 4. Occasionally 5. Sometimes 6. Often/Frequently 7. Usually/ Normally /Generally 8. Always !!! After BE, before MAIN VERB - He's never late for work - He always comes on time - We normally do yoga twice a week - I go to the dentist once every 6 month - Tom is generally at home on Sundays - I always see my mother once a week !!! The end of sentences 1. Twice a day 2. 3 times a week 3. every Saturday 4. every couple of weeks 5. once a month 6. once every three months 7. once or twice a year

2.2.6. Spelling + s, +es have - has

2.3. State verbs

2.3.1. Present Simple & Continuous - I think he is a good person - I am thinking about this problem whole day - Еvery morning I hear birds sing outside the window - I am hearing the noise from the kitchen - I see her in the park every Sunday - I am seeing her through the window - This cake tests delicious - Please wait a minute, I am testing the cake just now - The flowers smell very heavy - She is smelling my new perfume - I feel better - I am feeling the cold wind in the park - He has a new car - I am having a rest just now


3.1. Past Continuous

3.1.1. past activity that was in progress at a particular time in the past

3.1.2. synchronised actions in the past They were drinking a cup of coffee while they were sitting at that restaurant

3.1.3. expression of disapproval (неодобрение) He was always interrupting me when I was talking

3.1.4. planned actions that didn't happen I was thinking of cooking a pie but my daughter wanted some pizza

3.1.5. WORD MARKERS at that moment at the same time while when as – так как all morning / the whole morning all night (long) / the whole night all evening / the whole evening all day (long) / the whole day last Monday last week last year

3.2. Past Simple

3.2.1. completed action in a time before now Yesterday, I had English Lesson. Last winter, I went to London.

3.2.2. when we say when something happened

3.2.3. the sequence (последовательность) of actions in the past

3.2.4. actions that cannot be repeated

3.2.5. WORD MARKERS yesterday the day before yesterday just now the other day – на днях last week last month last year last decade last century an hour ago three hours ago two weeks ago in 1992 at 6 o'clock

3.2.6. WAS/WERE