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Beyond traditional CI by Mind Map: Beyond traditional CI
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Beyond traditional CI

Machine Mgt

Manage config

Manage binaries

golden vm does not exist

Or rebuild from scratch ?

scope of working software = works in ops

possibly including monitoring

examples for different environments

webapp in opensource environment

backoffice software in proprietary environment

virtual and physical

traditional CI stops at software building and testing

add deployment, performance testing, integration



qa people

ops people

dev interested in "what happens next"

System Source definition = 2 parts

OS packages + Other software

Configuration of each component

different pipelines need to be integrated





Integration Monitoring

Unit Monitoring

Regression Monitoring



Config changes

Software changes

Any ideas for applying the same for Network?

Virtual switch?...

adding network tests (ping, routing?)?

evolving system administration

Started with manual installation of everything

Then we automated the installation and kept doing maintenance on the installation

Next step rebuilding the whole environment