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BCC Podcasting by Mind Map: BCC Podcasting
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BCC Podcasting

Eric Goll

Introduction to the Periodic Table

Judy Lipke

First Project - "Previewing a Textbook" (max 2 minutes)

Either PSYC 105 or a BIOL text (or both)

Take Hi-Res photos of textbook elements, TOC, Copyright date, Glossary, Chapter Heading, Learning Outcomes, Review Questions, etc

Create PPT slides with photos

Annotate Slides

Record Judy's narration, Jing or Camtasia

Marcia Krefetz-Levine

Video Orientation for Online Course

Bob McGovern

Phyllis Shafer

Raj Wesley

Educational PSYC

4 sections Educ Pysc + 1 section of Intro

Work already done

ppt narration with Camtasia

2 Camtasia videos created with Tablet PC

Teaching Style

Does very little lecture; mostly discussion

Students read; prepare outline and discuss

She may do 15-20 minute lecture on keypoints

Very rich discussion online and off


Will record a live discussion Tuesday 2/10 with 3 or 4 students

4:15 Molly Pitcher room SLC

Greg Liano

Debbie Meyer

Capture 15-minute review at begining of ITV class

Sent email to Bart and Kenny to initiate

Mary Ellen Hurley