Kaminomoto marketing plan

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Kaminomoto marketing plan by Mind Map: Kaminomoto marketing plan

1. Collecting data about target market and customer needs

2. Customers segmenting,targeting and products positioning

3. Environmental scanning and internal analysis

3.1. Analyze sales performance of the market products

3.2. Comparing the prices of competitors

3.3. Describing the market share per each product in the market

3.4. Classify distribution channels concerning size and importance perspective

3.5. Performing pestel and SWOT analysis

4. Organization goal and objective s setting

4.1. Forecasting the sales and market share growth

5. Marketing strategy designing

5.1. Re-pricing and distribution planning

5.2. Marketing research fulfilment

6. Reshaping for visual identity

6.1. Logo and slogan re-innovation

6.2. Package re-designin

7. Advertising and promotion

7.1. Billboards structuring

7.2. Company website development

7.3. Activating social media ads

7.4. Organizing public places events

8. Content creation

8.1. Search engine optimization

8.2. Social media content preparation

8.3. Brochures designing

9. Influencers and affiliate marketing

9.1. Dealing with influencers

9.2. Developing affiliate programs

10. Partnership execution

10.1. Contracting with the main online stores

10.2. Launching offers with other brands

11. Loyality programs formatting

11.1. Activating points model