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Immigration by Mind Map: Immigration

1. Definition & Motivations to immigrate

1.1. It happens when somebody travels to another country to live/work for a certain period of time.

1.2. The primary motivation for people to leave their country is to get better living conditions, feel free and run away from political issues.

2. Bad and Good points

2.1. The major problems about immigration is the discrimination/racism, cultural & adaptation issues and the most important, a lot cases of immigration are the illegal ones, which it's expensive and not worth it, as they can die or be deported when reaches the country.

2.2. Some good points are: Good and Cheap labor Improves the economy

3. The immigration on the US

3.1. It all started on XVII century, with europeans while colony, and they remained until 1970. Now the majority immigrants are latin-american, searching for better living conditions.

4. Immigrants, who are they?

4.1. According to studies, something around 10% of the USA population are latin-american immigrants, who tries everyday to scape from their countries to live decently on the US, but the reality is sad, a few of them can reach their objectives. The ones who can accomplish it, usually chooses Texas or Arizona to live in.