Discussing Social Media

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Discussing Social Media by Mind Map: Discussing Social Media

1. (D) Question 3: What would you like to learn about Social Media?

1.1. 7amayel: Nothing specific, I'd rather be made more aware of broader strategies and tactics that can be used in general.

1.2. Flamur: For me it is a very fresh and new thing so definitely i look forward to learn more about the Social Media.I would like to learn more about the older and new startegies used and also the ways how Social Media are done.

2. (E) Social Media Strategy Planning

2.1. Intro: Part of this Module will be having each of you come up with a social media strategy for an organization or cause that you care about. Having a clear strategy for using social media was identified by researchers as a major factor in the success of social media projects.

2.2. Please fill out this detailed form by our April 25th session, recording your detailed thoughts about the social media strategy plan you imagine for your cause or organiation

2.2.1. Social Media Strategy Planning Form

2.3. Question 1: Which organization or cause, in which you play some role as leader or supporter, do you feel could benefit from using social media to advance its goals?

2.4. Question 2: What are your social media goals? Be very clear and specific, making references to details of your own cause.

2.5. Question 3: Are your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Based?

2.6. Question 4: How do you define your audience? First, who are your constituents? Second, which of them can you reach with social media? Third, which constituents do you wish to reach?

3. (A) Introduction: watch this video

3.1. Open thread for comments

3.2. what do you think about Waleed's introduction?

4. (B) Question 1: How do you define Social Media?

4.1. Group 6 comments

4.1.1. Julnar: unlike traditional media, which is one-way, social media is two-way, which gives all SM networks characteristics of sharing/commenting/creating dialogue/conversation between users, and users are not only receivers of the message; they are consumers and producers. gives us a new term: prosumers?

4.1.2. Henry: activation seems like a key part of it-- inspiration to do something/get involved in conversation

4.1.3. Aseel: platform for self-expression; an elaborate platform of word-of-mouth

4.2. Hamayel: I believe it is where the people can take back the power of the information from mainstream sources, it isn't perfect as it depends on the interest of the social environment of its participants. Its 2 way nature of having both the sender and receiver responding to the content can enriches it even further which differentiates it from what is called Citizen Journalism as it is based on a community rather than an individual.

4.2.1. Henry: good comment. You mention power and I think you are definitely right. Makes me wonder, however: can the power of social media be used by anyone? Maybe by the leaders or old media or interests, in a way that doesn't empower new voices?

4.3. Flamur: I see Social Media as a way of connection between people or groups where they can express and share their ideas or knowledge. Its a tool tha usually is used from different perspective to share or give information to the society.

5. (C) Question 2: What is your experience with Social Media?

6. other possible questions

6.1. what is the greatest potential of social media?

6.2. what are the pitfalls/negatives of social media?