Onboarding Wishlist

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Onboarding Wishlist by Mind Map: Onboarding Wishlist

1. Roles

1.1. Nicole

1.1.1. Onboarding and offboarding coordination

1.1.2. Help with organization of training tracks

1.2. Kirby

1.2.1. Development of General Training

1.3. Ruthanne

1.3.1. Development of Data Training

1.4. Ashley

1.4.1. Overview of

2. One to two weeks, an hour or two a day

2.1. Week 1: Contract/TIAG

2.2. Week 2: Project Specific

2.3. Ongoing 1:1

2.3.1. Minimum of one every month

3. TIAG are the data experts

3.1. How do we start

3.1.1. Start with onboarding "track"

3.2. Idea

3.2.1. Training Tracks Data Advanced Data QA Git TFS Testing Dev Git TFS Kendo JavaScript SharePoint General New Team Members MHS Data Fundamentals Scrum / Agile MIP PM/Requirements/BA

3.2.2. Accessible anytime